Top 10 Female Acting Performances Of Bollywood In 2018

With 2018, we haven’t merely emerged into "The Bollywood" where better films are accepted but also witnessed how well the female characters are being treated in them. Of course, there still is a lot that needs to be done to ameliorate female representation in art and cinema, a step in the positive direction is always... Continue Reading →


Top 10 English Language Movies Of 2017

Being an Indian student it becomes really difficult for me to catch up with every Non-Indian movie that comes to the screen. One reason is, of course, I’m busy as hell with my academic activities and the other is the unavailability of foreign films in my country. By the second fact I mean to imply... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Bollywood Movies Of 2017

Movie fan or not, you will agree to the fact that 2017 was one of the most disappointing years for Indian cinema in recent times both in terms of critical and commercial successes. Thus, picking up the best films for the year gone by was much easier than what it was for 2016 and hence... Continue Reading →

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