Luka Chuppi Review


Plotline: –

Guddu (Kartik Aaryan) and Sweety (Kriti Sanon), two lovebirds from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh decide to test their relationship through a live-in, mostly on the latter’s whim. The problem, however, lies in the matter of societal acceptance especially when both belong to conservative families and reside in a socially restrictive area. What follows is a series comedy-of-errors which will ultimately decide the fate of their equation with themselves as well as their families.


Positive Points: –

  • Luka ChuppiĀ is filled with superb comic punches which fuel in the film’s overall energy, especially in its fun-filled first half.
  • The acting performances and the comic timing of almost every actor have been marvellous.


Negative Points: –

  • Though it makes a brave attempt to talk about a trivial yet serious social issue especially with respect to Indian cultures and dogmas, it makes little or no sense in terms of its narrative which becomes bland and agonising in its latter half.
  • The makers of this flick have also shown a lack of understanding of socio-political issues and have forced on certain events which can never happen at a go as they happen in the film.
  • Oh, that terrible, terrible, terrible climax! I doubt what was going on in the minds of director Laxman Utekar and screenwriter Rohan Shankar when they zeroed upon such a ridiculous ending as if the narrative wasn’t risible enough already!


General Aspects: –


Live-in relationships aren’t viewed in a positive light in most places of the Indian subcontinent and while the West has long understood it’s trivialness and necessity, Indians are yet to fully accept the same. Given that,Ā Luka Chuppi already had the upper edge with its basic content and comedic style of making. There are plenty of moments in it that you’ll like and love and while most of them are in the first half, the smart humour also follows after the interval. What doesn’t really mature with time is its content. The film has a specific goal and it meanders around it before actually coming to the point.Ā Luka Chuppi is not necessarily a half-baked film but it’s a half-understood one from the perspective of its very own makers. The movie showcases no plausibility in its entire narrative and tries to pass on its ridiculousness through comedy (which it does successfully to some extent). What was expected from it is intelligence in terms of its social content which is almost void in it. Neither the director nor the screenwriter understands how society works or how politics is played. This comes up shamelessly in the film’s climax where its supposed antagonist is exonerated of all his flaws, his lifelong values being undermined, just to enforce a happy ending which is shot more like a school play than a live-action sequence. It’s necessary for filmmakers to understand that you don’t have to go on explaining each and every bit of ideas and beliefs to the audience and whatever message a film has to propagate, can be done through overtones and undertones. Even the idea ofĀ Guddu andĀ Sweety living together before marriage isn’t well exploited especially given their conservative backgrounds. What’s worse is how potentially effective characters are left underdeveloped and some even act in the most ludicrous fashion in the most appaling situations. Considering how well Bollywood films have been performing in recent times especially on social terms,Ā Luka Chuppi is a blemish in the cluster of the same which should be forgotten sooner than expected. It doesn’t only miss its target, it does so by miles!


Performances: –


Though I’m critical of the poor character development here, I totally appreciate how the fun elements have been well distributed between different characters and are not necessarily ladened upon a few characters. Almost every actor has performed wonderfully and their comic timings were impeccable too. Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Sanon showcase great chemistry while also being comically convincing in their respective roles. Sanon even has an emotional breakdown moment and she absolutely shines in it. Aparshakti Khurrana, as their friend also has his fair share of humour but is largely left unused which is dismaying given his potential acting talent. Vinay Pathak delivers a strong performance as the film’s antagonist. Ajeet Singh is terrific asĀ Shrikant and his gimmicks are laugh-inducing in every sequence. He is simply flawless and his performance is more than satisfying. Pankaj Tripathy is absolutely hilarious as Babulal despite the pitiable development that his character receives. Sapna Sand also has a boisterous cameo as the nudging neighbour of the leads.


Final Verdict: –


Luka Chuppi reminds me of a lot aboutĀ Bareilly Ki Barfi. Both have committed performances, share some of their primary cast members, and are largely nonsensical while also being funny. Though if you ever give me a choice as to which I would prefer to see again, I would choose the latter. It’s true thatĀ Luka Chuppi attempts to deliver an important message to the society but it fails miserably thanks to the lack of socio-political cognisance of its own makers who reduce it to an insipid piece of work which sometimes looks more like a school play than a feature film. Nonetheless, it’s a harmless movie, if you watch it, or even if you don’t.




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