2.0 Review


Plotline: –

In a surprisingly surreal set of events, mobile phones across Tamil Nadu start flying away and are used in an unimaginable manner to commit a series of murders which includes the state’s telecom minister. As a result, scientist Vaseegaran (Rajnikant) is forced to reinstate his android Chitti (also played by Rajnikant) to deal with the mess.

Will the government allow Chitti’s revival after the catastrophic events of the first film? What’s the reason behind these bizarre events? How will Vaseegaran and Chitti deal with this?

Positive Points: –

  • Akshay Kumar’s performance whenever he’s portraying the scientist and not the villain.

Negative Points: –

  • A risible screenplay which mars an otherwise potentially good plot with a strong message.
  • Shankar’s direction.
  • 2.0 is also a brilliant example of how actresses in Indian movies are treated merely as objects and here Amy Jackson is the test subject.
  • Akshay Kumar’s Pakshirajan had the potential of being a strong and logical villain but is unabashedly wasted for God knows what reason!
  • The makers have attempted to make it a visual splendour but too much of graphics deemed it fitter for an animated film for kids rather than a feature film for adults.

The General Aspects: –


I’m not a big fan of Enthiran but at the time of its release (which was about a decade ago), it’s visual effects were no less than a huge achievement for Indian cinema due to which its mainstream plot was ignored and it received acclaim. Even though 2.0 has a stronger substratum than its predecessor in terms of its plot, its poor execution makes it bite the dust. Deep down, the film actually wanted to raise awareness regarding the effect of smartphones on the avian population but it never takes off to the viewers’ hearts, thanks to Shankar’s myopic vision both in terms of screenwriting and direction. For any sane viewer who is not blinded by the aura of Ranjikant or even Shankar, 2.0 is a laugh riot not because it’s genuinely funny but because it’s so bad that it’s good. It’s ludicrous in every manner and rarely makes any sense. Making a villain out of a dead man’s aura or reinstating the antagonist of the previous film as the protagonist to fight a ghastly creature or capturing that same aura using electromagnetism, 2.0 is too disgraceful to be even categories as a sci-fi flick. However, silliness isn’t its only problem. The movie is also troubled by its slow pacing, wafer-thin characters and misogynistic representation of women, all of which are obvious to any generic viewer.

I know people have praised its VFX but I didn’t find it anything different from Enthiran and by today’s standard both films have average visual effects. Also, to be honest, the VFX only made the movie more lamentable and laughable as mobile phones and metals turning into Mechas which would later have a fist-fight is better off in Power Rangers than in a feature like this. We expected a movie for adults, not for kids goddammit!

Performances: –


Rajnikant is indisputably one of the greatest superstars in the world, and he is also a very good actor but roles like this don’t add anything positive to his acting resume. He is fine both as Vaseegaran and Chitti but a veteran thespian like him should opt for more complicated roles and be a lot choosier when it comes to scripts.

Akshay Kumar is the only good performer here but even then he is likeable partwise because whenever he is playing the villain, he simply overacts. Though it’s not completely his fault and the blame has to be shared by Shankar for not being able to guide Kumar properly. It’s also amusing and at the same time baffling as to how Shankar even makes an actor like Adil Hussein seem underwhelming. Clearly, his contributions to the film have produced more detrimental effects than the beneficial ones.

Amy Jackson is clearly a sex object here and nothing else. The movie could have done well without her but the makers probably wanted an eye-candy element at any cost without any ideas as to how to utilise her properly in the storyline. No matter what, Jackson’s charms do not compensate the sordidness of 2.0. There were some moments where I thought that her character will stand up to fight Pakshirajan but that never happens because how can a lady defeat the villain in a South Indian flick especially the one starring Rajnikant, right!

Final Verdict: –


2.0 is not just bad, it’s traumatising! Its effect will stay long with you even after it ends but definitely not in a positive way. The film is bad is almost every way and that’s chiefly because of Shankar’s lack of vision as he wastes away many potentially stronger plot threads which could have rendered it a classic. To be honest, if I were given a choice to either watch 2.0 or Thugs Of Hindostan again, I’ll go with the latter one, such degraded is the quality of this so-called sci-fi movie!

RATING: (2.0 minus 1.5)/5


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