Pihu Review


Plotline: –

A day after her second birthday, Pihu (Myra Vishwakarma) wakes up to a dead mother and a messed up house in the absence of any other person, leading her to go through a series of events and accidents which soon end up becoming an ordeal, both for the girl and the audience.


Positive Points: –

  • Myra Vishwakarma! It’s hard to believe how she, at the age of 29 months, could perform like this! Bows man, bows!
  • Vinod Kapri’s direction.
  • The movie’s ability to keep you hooked despite its uneasy premise.


Negative Points: –

  • It never feels like Kapri tries to tell you a story through Pihu. It seems like a collection of multiple fucked-up events which are only meant to nettle the audience.
  • Kapri takes a lot of cinematic liberties and for no plausible reason.
  • The movie lacks any kind of depth or intensity.


The General Aspects & Performances: –


Pihu was horrifying right from the time its trailers hit the internet and for many reasons. The film gives you many more reasons to be petrified as you go through its unapologetically edgy premise. The story is pretty simple and its eventualities are predictable but what keeps it going is the then-toddler Myra (she is 6 now). Myra’s performance is not just about her naivety or innocence but also about her ability to manipulate the viewer with her surprisingly convincing emotional renditions. A lot of that credit goes to director and writer Vinod Kapri because handling a 29-month old kid and making her perform in such a compelling manner is no child’s play. Myra’s performance through Kapri’s direction is probably the only stimulating thing in the whole film because the audience plays through the girl’s capabilities to steer the film through her actions and reactions even without a steady narrative. However, Pihu’s greatest problem lies in its lack of proper storyline and even worse it’s blatant artistic liberties which only end up making itself more cringe-worthy and farce. It could have portrayed, to some extent, the philosophical understanding of a 2-year-old and the way she views the world but it never capitalises on the same making itself a lot hollower than expected.


Final Verdict: –


Pihu is not a movie for everyone. It requires balls to sit through its unidirectional emotionally assaulting premise. But nothing negates the blinder act of Myra who gives the film some meaning notwithstanding its largely ineffectual plot. No matter what, it’s a film best forgotten and even better unwatched. I grant the film an extra 1 rating for the little girl’s exceptional act.




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