Sui Dhaaga: Made In India Review


Plotline: –

After being humiliated by his boss in front of all attendees to a marriage party, including his wife Mamta (Anushka Sharma), Mauji (Varun Dhawan) decides to quit his job and earn an earnest living off his only talent i.e. tailoring. However, owing to his family’s age-old history with tailoring which almost pushed them to poverty, will Mauji get any support from his family members? How will he, as a novice, make a business out of it?


Positive Points: –

  • Sui Dhaaga makes the most out of its cast members as it witnesses amazing renditions from both the protagonists and its supporting actors.
  • Unlike most similar Indian films, this flick doesn’t fall victim to unnecessary melodrama and mushiness. There’s a lot of (if not complete) sincere in its premise which can is finely presented on the screen.
  • The narrative has a pretty steady flow with almost no distractions. Even the romance of the two spouses, the humour and the music have been well assimilated into the plot to make them feel as necessities instead of addendums.


Negative Points: –

  • There’s nothing new that director-writer Sharat Katariya provides with this comedy-drama. We have seen movies like this, made like this, umpteen number of times.
  • Kataraiya also fails to provide a compelling challenge to the protagonists as a lot of events happen too easily.
  • Dhawan and Sharma haven’t been deglamed in accordance with their characters.


The General Aspects Of The Film: –

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The most impressive thing about Sui Dhaaga was its trailer which was simply sterling. Carried away by the same, the expectations for the film did shoot up beyond normal and that’s where most people would probably be disappointed with this Shashank Katariya venture. Sui Dhaaga is everything you’d expect a movie like it to be, lacking any kind of novelty or risks to imbibe something new to its otherwise superlative concept. To be honest, it’s not a bad film, it can’t be. The film is delightful and sincere to its concept, storyline as well as its characters and their background. It weaves its social message along with its situation humour and endearing romantic tale with such fineness that it’s difficult to view anything as superfluous. Anu Malik’s music acts as an icing on the cake and helps in carrying the narrative forward instead of being an interlude in it. Sui Dhaaga is not a mixed form of art where you’d find both good and bad things but is instead a good piece of painting which hasn’t been completed. Throughout the course of the story, our characters come across several challenges and hardly fail in any of them. Even their success is build up too easily ignoring the brutality of the real world. I don’t understand as to why screenwriters make their protagonists succeed in a short period of time. Why don’t they actually make a period drama where their characters run, fall, bite the dust and then rise again to win instead of paving a straight path to their destination? The feature would have been a lot more sense if Mauji and Mamta would have taken 5-10 years to achieve their goal. If any budding screenwriter/filmmaker is reading this, I would request him/her to make his/her characters struggle wholeheartedly. It doesn’t matter if they lose at the end because what matters is the journey and not necessarily the result.


Performances: –


One of the most uplifting qualities of this flick lies in its performances. Not just its leads Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma, but every member of the cast irrespective of his/her screentime has acted superbly. Obviously, I’m all praises for the leads whose delectable charms and earnest renditions of their characters carry the film for its entirety. Supporting them wholeheartedly is Raghuvir Yadav who plays the role of Dhawan’s onscreen father. While most other cast members like Yamini Das and Namit Das contribute to the film through comedy, Yadav invests in it on both emotional and humorous terms. But what precedes their acts is the immaculate chemistry everyone shares with each other which makes the movie a whole lot cheerful to watch and easier to forgive despite its shortcomings.


Final Verdict: –


Sui Dhaaga is too conventional in its filmmaking approach to make a mark for long but its delightful premise and sincerity with respect to its storyline along with its superlative performances makes it likeable nonetheless. It’s not at all a bad movie but it simply leaves a lot to ask for in terms of its overall story. The film has its hits and misses but it’s still largely on point with what it wanted to depict and thus makes up as a fine one-time watch.




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