Manmarziyaan Review


Plotline: –

Rumi (Tapsee Pannu) and Vicky (Vicky Kaushal) are two youngsters in Amritsar, Punjab who are very much in love with each other. One day they both are caught red-handed by Rumi’s family members while making out at the former’s residence, who immediately seek to marry Rumi elsewhere but with an unfocussed brat like Vicky. She, however, challenges her family that she should be allowed to marry her lover if he brings his parents to talk about their marriage, which they reluctantly agree to. However, Vicky doesn’t show up the next day as he was supposed to and Rumi agrees to accept any nincompoop who would want to marry her, which is when Robbie (Abhishek Bachchan) enters her life.

Whom will Rumi choose? Why did Vicky not show up that day? Who’ll be the ultimate winner in this love triangle?


Positive Points: –

  • The performances of the leads are top notch with each getting their way up the ladder at some point of the time during the film.
  • Kanika Dhillon’s screenplay and Anurag Kashyap’s direction, which convert a discernibly clichéd plotline into an insightful and matured narrative which can be related and understood by almost all adults, if not the teens.
  • Amit Trivedi’s music.


Negative Points: –

  • No matter how much you mould it, we have seen films like Manmarziyaan umpteen number of times across the world. Given that, it’s only understood if people can predict as to what and why happens in the film even without watching it.
  • The movie is prolonged at 2 hours and 35 minutes. Though the first half is rather intriguing, the second half does make the viewers feel the weight of time.


Direction, Screenplay & Other Technicalities: –


To be very honest, I wasn’t much impressed by this flick’s trailer and for all obvious reasons which I probably don’t need to elucidate. The only reason for which I went to see the film nonetheless was Anurag Kashyap, and indeed he has done a great job as the director. Making a romantic movie this raw while also maintaining its soulfulness is something as accomplished as him could have done. Kanika Dhillon, as the film’s screenwriter, is no less than a revelation. After writing average flicks like Ra One and Size Zero, she has found her major breakthrough with this romantic drama. Dhillon has developed her characters beautifully and has allowed each one of them to take the centre stage at different points in time instead of burdening the film upon one singular character. This has not only enhanced the performances of the cast members but also induced the apposite emotions required for the movie’s narrative. The problem, however, lies in how the movie progresses and who the characters are. What Kashyap and Dhillon couldn’t accomplish was to keep the viewers guessing regarding the future events of the movie. The issue was with how the characters have been sketched, one being a ruthless brat while the other being the perfect guy. The fallacies of one are highlighted extensively while the other enjoys being depicted in a delectable fashion. Given that, the audience gets polarised towards one character and roots for his victory which is not something to be appreciated. Furthermore, the progress of the film is too slow at times, maybe because of its unappealing editing which has retained many footages which could have been cut off without disturbing the storyline. Amit Trivedi’s music is simply wonderful and the songs help the story progress while also reflecting the moods of its different characters. Trivedi might just be a strong contender for the coming year’s Best Music Director Awards and I would be glad if he does bag a few of them.


Performances: –


Vicky Kaushal is having a terrific year. Delivering three different roles almost perfectly in three different acclaimed movies in one single year (the other two being Raazi and Sanju) is not someone’s left-hand work unless he is skilled or talented enough. Kaushal’s fiery performance not only evinces his copious talent and skills as a thespian but also cements his place as one of the most sought-after actors in current day Bollywood.

Taapsee Pannu also delivers a brilliant performance boosted by sheer intensity and vivacity of her character which she ably justifies. This act might also fetch her nominations for the Best Actress Awards next year and I won’t be surprised if she wins some of them.

With his co-stars having already set the screen on fire, Abhishek Bachchan’s portrayal of a nonchalant character was destined to be doomed and overshadowed. Surprisingly instead, he rises above the rest slowly and effortlessly without even the audience’s realisation and cements his rendition as the best one in the film. If Kaushal and Taapsee impart energy to the film, Bachchan gives it a soul to cherish for. Bachchan might not win the Best Actor Awards for this performance for there have been better performances by actors this year, but his depiction of Robbie might just be one of the best comeback performances that Bollywood has seen in recent years.


Final Verdict: –


No matter how much we criticize the overused storyline of Manmarziyaan, its maturity and upbeat nature can’t be denied. Its direction, screenplay, music and performances are to the point and one can understand a lot about youth and relationships through the film. With three acclaimed ventures in 2018 (the other two being Mukkabaaz and Sacred Games), it’s arguably Anurag Kashyap’s best year in his entire career and we wish he has even better years in future.


RATING: 3.5/5



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