Veere Di Wedding Review


Plotline: –

Four best friends, Kalindi (Kareena Kapoor), Avni (Sonam Kapoor), Sakshi (Swara Bhaskar) and Meera (Shikha Talsania) gather up for Kalindi’s wedding with her boyfriend Rishabh (Sumeet Vyas). The only problem is her reluctance to the idea of marriage owing to the strained relationship of her parents.

Will this marriage ever take place? Can Kalindi deal with the not-so-pleasant life that one lives in after tying the knot?


Positive Points: –

  • The extravagant production values and vibrant art-direction makes the film look aesthetically pleasing.
  • The efforts that the actors put in to reinvigorate the movie.


Negative Points: –

  • Poor execution in both the directional and the writing aspects.
  • As the clock begins to tick you’re like, “oh the opening sequence is so jerry-built”, followed by, “damn, the first act is so grotty”. As the film takes a break during the intermission, you’d have realized that the film is miserable to watch.
  • Veere Di Wedding tries hard to be funny, but save a few punches, it’s largely insipid and unamusing.
  • The makers have made numerous attempts to instil emotions in it during the latter half but no such sequence actually touches your soul. The film is too bland and superficial in nature, rendering it hard to make a connection with.
  • Do women need the consent of men before kissing them? No! Not at all! And if the man refuses to kiss you, he is a loser, ain’t he!
  • Shoddy editing.


Direction, Screenplay & Other Technicalities: –


What a terrible, terrible, terrible piece of work the entire film is in every, every aspect. The only thing where it scores is in being colourfully eye pleasing. No matter how vituperating I am towards it, I can’t help but appreciate its art-direction. Its music is also fairly good but none of the songs is memorable except for its title track. If you’d leave the theatre with anything, it’s the melody of the eponymous track of the movie.

Shashanka Ghosh’s direction is too bland, lacking any depth or insight. The screenplay by Nidhi Mehra and Mehul Suri was already botched up and Ghosh didn’t apparently make efforts to revive it in any forms. The opening scenes were dull, the introductions of the four central characters were sketchy and let’s not even delve into the nurturing of the characters. The characters are left half-baked primarily due to the inability of the makers to focus on all four girls equivalently. As one survives the first half and the narrative gains some ostensible strength in the second half, he/she expects the movie to rejuvenate into an emotionally jocund ride. But alas! It gets cornered by the bunkums and idiotic activities of most of its characters, vapid jokes and a dispassionate premise, especially the climax, which only make it worse.

Talking about Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti’s cinematography, it captures the aesthetics of the flick skillfully but the problem lies in Shweta Venkat Matthew’s editing. The cuts are so asynchronous and abrupt that the sleekness of the narrative gets disturbed time and again. This is by far one of the most awful editing work that I have seen in Bollywood in a long long time (the last I remember was Dilwale).


Performances: –


Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Talsania are the best performers in the film without any doubts. They are spotless with their work and try their best to make their impacts, only to be limited by their poorly screened characters.

Kareena Kapoor is good but doesn’t do anything memorable. Sonam Kapoor is also good but is again limited and marred at times by her unimpressive character sketch.

Sumeet Vyas is delectable in his role and likeable in all respects. His character seemed a bit too ideal for me but it’s fine. Girls, listen out! If you ever find a guy like Rishabh (Vyas’ character), then marry him.

All other actors are just fine in their places. Vivek Mushran is the only one out of all of them to leave an impact on the audience.


Final Verdict: –


There’s no denying that Veere Di Wedding had a lot of potentials to become a good movie if not a great one. Alas, it’s only a deplorable piece of work that took itself too seriously to reach out to its viewers. Not just at 125 minutes, even if its runtime had been 12.5 minutes, it would still have been sickening and unbearable. I can’t really decide which is more important in life between time and money, but I can assure you that both are much more important than this flick.


RATING: 1/5 (I’m being fricking generous here!)


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