Avengers: Infinity War Review


Plotline: –

The mighty Titan Thanos (Josh Brolin) is in the pursuit of gathering all the infinity stones with a possible aim at ruling the universe, only if he isn’t stopped by The Avengers.

Can The Avengers defeat Thanos and save the universe? Or will Thanos have the team experience a crushing defeat and achieve his objective?

Positive Points: –

  • It’s difficult to understand as to where I should start because there’s a lot to eulogise about this flick, but my favourite of all its positives is the direction by the Russo brothers. Hats off to the duo for contemplating the movie with its grandeur!
  • No doubt every actor has done a good job but none comes remotely close to Josh Brolin who sort of single-handedly carries the entire narrative on his shoulders. That’s how you create and develop a villain, folks!
  • Breathtaking action sequences and on top of these montages are the excellent CGIs that pour life into them.
  • Excellent technicalities in terms of music, camera work as well as editing just ameliorate its cinematic splendour.
  • There were a lot of ‘wow moments’ in the flick which might register themselves among the best moments of the entire MCU franchise.
  • I didn’t even realise that Infinity War was two and a half hours long! Gosh! When did the time fly so fast!
  • Bringing together a bevy of characters who have their own individual importance and respect in the eyes of the audience and doing justice to each and everyone isn’t simply a joke! Kudos to Markus and McFeely for their intuitive and wonderful screenplay.
  • The ending! Yes, no matter how startling it might sound, I loved it!

Negative Points: –

  • I didn’t like the way Vision was treated in the movie owing to the strengths he was portrayed to possess in the previous instalment.
  • No doubt the jokes were funny, but there were moments when the film should have respected the seriousness of the narrative. Well, who would care about that anyway!
  • A few flaws and logical fallacies here and there which I won’t be enumerating in order to prevent spilling any beans.

Direction, Script & Other Technicalities: –


I was head over heels crazed after Civil War ended and I had been waiting from that time till today (that makes it nearly two years) to see this film and Russo brothers have not only done justice to Infinity War but have even elevated the expectations for the next Avenger instalment as well. Their vision and execution have been magnificently spot on and the way the characters have been dealt with is commendable. Not everyone can bring in so many important characters into a single film and still make them all look great. Bows to the duo!

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have done an outstanding job with the film’s writing. Not just the overall storyline but even the dialogues and the balance maintained between each character have been sterling. I particularly loved the character development of Thanos and also the fact that the viewer can sympathise and at times even support him in spite of him being the villain! That’s not something most writers would want to do or even can accomplish efficaciously, but this duo did and we can’t stop praising them. Of course, at times the movie is sentimental and our characters behave with less logic, but that only makes the experience of the viewer better and grander.

Though not completely sleek, I loved the editing by Jeffrey Ford and Matthew Schmidt. Trent Opaloch’s cinematography was perfect and just made the action montages better. The only time the CGI seemed unsatisfactory was when Bruce Banner had his head sulking out of the Hulk suit (you need to see the film to know that), else it was absolutely majestic. Last but not the least is the silent hero of the technical department, Alan Silvestri, who with his music just gave you the chills and thrills that the film was expected to offer.

Performances: –


Chuck the rest, bring me someone who could have done Thanos as good as Josh Brolin did! It’s difficult to explain the greatness of his performance by just waxing lyrically about it in this review. He not only gives life to his character but the entire film altogether and every other performer, no matter how important his/her character was, seemed like a supporting actor. Undoubtedly, Brolin’s Thanos is the best Marvel antagonist and also one of the best superhero villains that I have ever witnessed!

The next best act has been delivered by Zoe Saldana as she becomes the roots of all the positive emotions that Thanos exhibits and likewise. The father-daughter chemistry they shared is something unique and beautiful on its own terms.

Robert Downey Jr is as snarky as we love him to be. Chris Evans might not have done anything special but his mere presence is captivating. Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen have showcased a good romantic chemistry and hence have performed well accordingly. Benedict Cumberbatch too shines with his sharp humour and measured performance.

Mark Ruffalo is hilariously charming and so is Bradley Cooper. Chris Hemsworth has done quite a wonderful job and you can’t help but fall in love with Thor in Infinity War (and for that you, of course, need to see it). Chris Pratt and Tom Holland are excellent in their respective roles.

All the other actors have also done pretty fine jobs in spite of having fewer dimensions which is quite obvious in a multi-starrer movie like this.

Final Verdict: –


There’s so much to talk in the appraisal of Avenger: Infinity War and so less freedom to write about the same because I can’t give away the spoilers and this is pleasantly frustrating! Russo brothers with every directorial have only bettered themselves and we hope they continue doing so for the good. Infinity War is arguably one of the best Marvel movie as well as one of the best superhero films that I have ever witnessed. What are you waiting for folks! Loosen your pockets and rush!

RATING: 4.5/5


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