Top 5 Hits And Misses Of Oscars 2018


One thing that might have irked people about the 90th Academy Awards was probably its predictability. While this might attract a positive outlook of the people who may claim that the deserving ones won their respective awards, it’s probably more than that. Hoarded with unnecessary political drama that the stars showcased in the three-hour-long show, there are quite some things that did win our heart and a few others which let us down. Again, the perception will vary from person to person but let’s just take a look at the 5 best and worst moments of this year’s Oscars.
PS: I don’t really follow much of documentary and short films so they wouldn’t be featuring in this list.

Top 5 Hits: –

5. Jordan Peele becomes the first African-American to get an Oscar for the Best Original Screenplay!


It was a difficult choice to choose the best original screenplay among giants like Get Out, Three Billboards… and Lady Bird and I wouldn’t have minded if any one of these had won (and Get Out did!). It was the safest choice the Academy took in my opinion because it probably saved itself from any sorts of backlashes of preferring whites over blacks (politics again!). Nonetheless, it hardly matters particularly because Peele’s intelligent writing not only made Get Out one of the best films of the year but also revived a dying genre while making a strong social commentary.

4. The Best Picture announcement is done right!


Nothing has been as embarrassing in the entire history of Oscars as the Envelopgate incident in 2017. Not only did it create an unnecessary ruckus but also was an insult to acting giants Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. Keeping the past in the past, The Academy brought these legends back to the same podium to a standing ovation from the crowd which saw them finally getting the announcement right! Ah and let’s not forget that moment when Del Toro checked the envelope twice to make sure that his film had won the award!

3. Frances McDormand wins The Best Actress award!


To be really honest (and this may hurt like a fucker!), I never considered McDormand to be a deserving winner for her role in Fargo. That doesn’t mean I don’t admire her, I do, and I consider her to be a phenomenal actress. Her rightful win in this year’s Oscars for an exceptional performance in Three Billboards… was probably my way of making peace with my unacceptance of her previous victory. She is a legend and she totally deserved the win!

2. Gary Oldman wins The Best Actor award!

Gary Oldman

There’s no need to eulogise Oldman because his talent is not unknown to anyone and it’d be really hard to encapsulate all the praises in just a few lines. Being in the show business for over 3 decades, he finally got an Oscar and rightly so for a well-deserved performance. Darkest Hour is no doubt a great film and cinematically one of the best biographies to have ever been made but this wouldn’t have been possible without Oldman’s single-handed blinder that carried the film for its entire run. Hence, the Oscar!

1. Roger Deakins finally gets his due!


In the world of cinematography, Roger Deakins is a legend and a luminary and there’s no second opinion to that. His contribution to the cinema can itself be a matter of study and his portfolio can leave anyone amazed! After being nominated for 13 times unsuccessfully for acclaimed movies like The Shawshank Redemption, Fargo, No Country For Old Men, Sicario, to name a few, he finally got his accolade for a visual spectacle that was Blade Runner 2049. I can’t say about him but it was a moment of joy as well as peace for every fan of his work including me and all we can do is to bow to the giant!

Top 5 Misses: –

5. Nolan loses The Best Director award to Del Toro!


I have no doubts that The Shape Of Water was a beautiful film and was excellently directed by Guillermo Del Toro. But when it comes to standards, Dunkirk was a far better work of direction than The Shape Of Water and that’s chiefly because of the film’s lower dependence of its screenplay which in turn gave the extra load to the technical team and the director. With a non-generic script, Nolan made the film look extraordinary and his vision resulted in the making of one of the best war-thrillers of all time. By no means do I mean to undermine Del Toro or his work but Christopher Nolan should have been the man of the hour.

4. Remember Me wins the Oscar for The Best Original Song in favour of This Is Me!


Again, I do not mean to undermine this song and I do love it. It was even more beautiful in the touching climax when Miguel sings it to Coco and she happens to remember everything! This, however, is a cinematic trait and not the trait of the song and by every means This Is Me was a better choice for the award. Not just did it sit well in the film’s premise but is an inspiring piece of work as a singular song also. Well written, well composed and of course magnificently sung, it was the song of the year and it’s a shame to see it being snubbed by The Academy for no good reason.

3. James Ivory gets the award for The Best Adapted Screenplay for Call Me By Your Name!


Call Me By Your Name is a nice movie but is also a fairly overrated movie though I wouldn’t delve deep into it. Though its story is nice and the movie is reasonably well written by Ivory, it wasn’t strong enough to stand up to the masterful writing of Logan and Blade Runner 2049. It lacked the challenging nature and the dynamicity that the other two had, and seemed like a safe play to lure the likeliness of The Academy. Honestly, I have seen better movies on homosexuality and The Academy’s attempt to present itself as a non-homophobic entity could have been reserved for more superior movies in the future.

2. The Shape Of Water wins The Best Picture!


I would like to reiterate that I love The Shape Of Water and I consider it to be one of the best films of 2017. However, it had better contenders which were not only stronger but also more well-made viz. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Lady Bird, Dunkirk and Darkest Hour. The world probably waited for and wanted Three Billboards… to win the award and rightly so because it’s a rare piece of perfection in cinema. That doesn’t undermine the beauty of The Shape Of Water and doesn’t necessarily make it a terrible choice like The Academy has taken before. In my opinion, what worked in its favour probably was its breathtaking visuals thanks to its wonderful production values and the fact that its producer and director was a Mexican. Anyone smells politics?????

1. Emma Stone attempts a femino-fascist stunt while presenting The Best Director Award!


Remember Natalie Portman’s gimmick while presenting The Best Director Award in this year’s Golden Globes? Well, it seemed that people didn’t understand the immaturity of the same and Emma Stone is the proof of the same. While making her pre-presentation speech she said: –

“And it is the vision of the director that takes an ordinary movie and turns it into a work of art. These four men, and Greta Gerwig, created their own masterpieces this year.”

It’s good to promote gender equality but the way Emma said, she clearly undermined the hard work and talent of the male directors who were nominated in this prestigious category. I feel like writing a whole article on this sordid piece of drama but I’d rather do better work in spite of that. There were many speeches on women empowerment that were made by various personalities in the course of the show and some were even clap-worthy (like McDormand’s acceptance speech) but here’s where the line was crossed! It’s time for people to understand that empowerment of women cannot be achieved by bashing men unnecessarily and these petty and fascist kind of acts of feminists (or should I say femino-fascists) isn’t helping women at all! The rest is left to the intellectual ability of the readers.

What are your views on this list? What do you think were the best and worst moments of this year’s Oscars? Let us know your views in the comments below and follow us on Facebook and Youtube for more great contents.


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