10 Underrated Romantic Movies Which You Shouldn’t Miss


Romance can be anything but an underrated emotion. In spite of all the atrocities that prevail in the world, it’s love that binds us and reinvigorates in us the urge to live. As said by someone “Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze” it’s highly unlikely that people wouldn’t connect to the most beloved emotion in the existence of mankind. But there do exist certain amazing movies based on it (both tragic and comic) which despite their wonders couldn’t really make a connect to the audiences or the critics or both. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, let’s make a visit to some of those movies which you’d love to rejoice especially with the ones you love.


10. Ghosts Of Girlfriend’s Past (2009)


A blatant rip-off of Dickens’ Christmas Carol this Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner starrer rom-com is a delectable ride for those who love romance. It doesn’t really do anything new but it does exhibit depths and explores its emotional content profusely. It makes you understand why certain people don’t any form of evil. While definitely not a masterpiece in any way, this movie can easily make you smile and trigger the hidden emotions in you with ease without your knowledge.


9. Before We Go (2014)


Sometimes things don’t need to be overarching in order to amuse you. Sheer simplicity can be more effective at times and Before We Go can be a bright example in that matter. Running on the Before Sunset styled walk-and-talk genre of romance, it makes you believe that giving up on life and love should never be an option. This flick not only enchants you with its sweetness but also melts you with its occasional melancholic touches. At the end of the film, you may or may not like it but you’ll learn one thing for sure that no matter how much you’re in love, you can’t make the people you love decide as to how you love them back and vice versa.


8. For Lovers Only (2011)


Love isn’t a destination or an achievement but a journey and that’s probably what makes it more beautiful. Your love for someone doesn’t end when you get them or make them yours. Nothing can take away the love from you even if the person is not there with you. For Lovers Only is a heart-rendering tale of two former lovers who happen to meet unplanned in Paris and that reignites their passion for each other. As they embrace their forlorn emotions in each other’s arms, they face with the realisation of life, love and societal implications that would befall upon them. It’s not a movie that you can enjoy at any time but when you’ve hit your right emotions, this movie is a gem.


7. Love Is All You Need? (2016)


This movie takes place in a parallel universe where heterosexuality is a criminal offence while homosexuality is legal. Given that, we have two parallel storylines where we are introduced to heterosexual romances in the film and the consequences of the same. A beautifully thought movie which probably didn’t reach the audiences because of its not-so-popular cast members and budgetary concerns, Love Is All You Need might trigger in you the realisation of the unfair and inhumane treatment that humankind has inflicted on the LGBT community. No matter how much we celebrate love or speak highly of it, we unabashedly deny it to people in the name of religion, culture and shit and this ugly face of the society has been courageously shown in this movie which is commendable in every way.


6. Wicker Park (2004)


I gotta admit that logic doesn’t hold water in a movie like Wicker Park but that doesn’t water down its emotional depth and connect with the viewer. It’s also true that the film has a very peculiar premise but it efficaciously holds on to your attention till the settlement of all its unresolved facets. Wicker Park is inherently a poignant tale of the unending pursuit of one’s love and the realisation that love isn’t necessarily meant to be achieved but to be revelled and rejoiced. Lastly and most importantly it lays it out to you that you can’t make people love you, love comes on its own.


5. Somewhere In Time (1980)


Love knows no religion, gender, caste, colour, etc etc but it’s also a fact that love knows no time and age either. How long can you wait for the person you love? How far can you go in its pursuit? You shouldn’t be hunting for any sort of logic in the time travel technique presented in this film but connect with its emotions. That’s probably the only compromise that you’d need to make in order to enjoy this romantic-fantasy and I bet it’ll be worth it. Somewhere In Time is fashioned much alike to any Hans Christen Anderson’s tragedy and that makes it even more beautiful and heart-touching deeming it quite possible to be etched in your memory long after it has ended.


4. Meet Joe Black (1998)

Meet Joe Black 7

By all means, Meet Joe Black doesn’t capitalise to its mind-blowing concept but that rarely nettles the viewer. Portraying a death falling in love with a mortal scenario in a peculiar but enjoyable fashion, Meet Joe Black is not just a glorification of love but also of life and those who still preserve their love despite the difficulties. Even though it has a lot of mushy elements, the film doesn’t get on your nerves and maintains its connect to the viewer’s heart. If nothing, then its dialogues, music and acting performances can make you go gaga over it. What’s great about it is that it beautifully conveys that love is an emotion which even death can’t diminish or even get over with because it’s hard (or impossible) to let go and that’s life; what else can be said about it!


3. Comet (2014)


Comet is arguably the strangest and the most complicated movie in this list which can’t really be understood by the generic audience. The trick as always is to connect with the personalities and the emotions instead of untangling the plot because that clearly draws your attention from its focal point. Pain and love go hand in hand and if you can accept one, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t embrace the other one too. Acceptance and penance are inevitable in life and relationships and they, in fact, make things even better and simpler. An extremely beautiful film, this can make you happy and sad at the same time and if you’ve failed in a relationship ever, it’ss easily stay in your heart for a long long time.


2. Cold Mountain (2003)


This might be a controversial choice given the fact that the film has quite some Oscar nominations (and one victory too!) but notwithstanding its beauty, Cold Mountain is largely forgotten and overlooked by the general audience as well as movie lovers. Setup during the American Civil War, it narrates the story of a soldier of the Confederate Army who deserts the war in order to return to his love and this betrayal can have its consequences. It’s wonderful in almost every aspect ranging from its performances to its technicalities and even its beautiful locations which have been shot magnificently. But what makes Cold Mountain great is its ability to make its viewers go through the same anxiety and excitement as its characters and that’s something very few movies can achieve.


1. If Only (2004)


It’s a common phenomenon that we don’t value the things we have and this valuation comes only after we lose them or are scared enough about their loss. If Only is not just about love but also about the importance of expressing it to your loved ones because you never know what’s in store for you the next day. No matter the tribulations and the conflicts that occur in every relationship, it’s necessary for us to look beyond them and contemplate the beautiful emotion that binds us together. This flick urges you to appreciate the chances life and people give you to mend things and also showcases the importance of sacrifices in our lives and relationships. It’s just a matter of how much you can sacrifice for those whom you love and believe me, this film will tear you apart, but it’ll be worth your time too.


Lastly, Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers and Har Har Mahadev to all the single folks!

What are your views on the list? Which romantic movies do you think should have been mentioned here? Let us know your views in the comments below and follow us on Facebook and Youtube for more great contents.


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