Reviews On Demand: Perfect Blue


This review has been written on a special demand by my friend Evan Pangaribuan from Indonesia.

Year of Release: 1997

Country: Japan

Plotline: –


Mima Kirigoe, the lead singer of a girl band named CHAM decides to leave the band in order to pursue a career in acting. This isn’t well received by her fans including an unknown stalker and soon after her departure, she gets a fax which says “Traitor” throughout its content. She also finds a website named “Mima’s Room” which features diary entries which seem apparently written by her.

Who was the sender of the fax message and why did he call Mima a traitor? Who has opened that website? Who is the stalker and does he have anything to do with all of this? Will Mima be able to pursue her career in acting after leaving her pop-idol image?

What I liked/loved about the film: –


The film stands upto its genre and not only engrosses you in its entire runtime but keeps you equally disturbed and bewildered throughout inspite of its slightly slow paced narrative. Perfect Blue preserves its suspense well until its end and the way it unfolds the mystery is spectacular. Hats off to Satoshi Kon’s direction and Sadayuki Murai’s screenplay as we get to see an amazing piece of artwork which doesn’t abstain from incorporating gruesome graphic violence and nudity to support its perplexing premise. The movie is not only well thought of but well executed as well in almost every aspect. The smart combination of psychological disorders and surreality forces the viewer to question its events cinematically as well as morally. Not to forget its soul-stirring music by Masahiro Ikumi which intensifies its atmosphere multiple times and was top-notch especially in its climax. Along with that, the editing and cinematographic execution by Harutoshi Ogata and Hisao Shirai have been on fleek with the film’s theme and premise.

What irked me about the film: –


There are a few conspicuous flaws in the films construction that appear in its writing. While most get ignored with the passage of time due to its riveting storyline, the fact that Mima and her team didn’t take the help of the police after the warning attack on her was dismal. By no means in real world was that going to happen and the explanation given for the same is also dissatisfactory. Apart from that, there are a few sequences particularly in the climax, which seemed bit unnatural viz. the characters falling from heights and not being badly hurt, the clumsy way of maiming a character (I won’t mention it as I don’t want to give away spoilers for this flick), the lack of crowd in Tokyo city, etc.

Keeping in mind the budget reduction of the film due to an earthquake (which destroyed the studio), I wouldn’t excoriate its animation.

Final Verdict: –


You rarely see psychological thrillers which can be as captivating and as bewildering as Perfect Blue. It’s not only an excellent piece as a film alone but an astoundingly insightful work in philosophical perspectives. I won’t hold back from saying that it’s one of the best film of its genre that I’ve ever witnessed and its randomness is highly likeable despite being disturbing and horrifying at times.

RATING: 4.5/5

What are your views about the film? How would you rate it? Let us know about it in the comment section and if you have any review demands then do share it with us. We will ensure that your demand is fulfilled and will give you a special mention in the same article as well.

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