Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review


Plotline: –

The Resistance under Poe’s (Oscar Isaac) command evacuate their main base but with a pyrrhic victory. Leia (Carrey Fisher) demotes him for disobeying her abort commands. Meanwhile Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) launches a full on attack on the Resistance, forcing them to escape with light speed only to be tracked later soon.

On the other hand, Rey (Daisey Ridley) tries to convince a reluctant Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamil) to join the resistance and face Kylo because they need the Jedi.

Will Luke agree to join the cause or will Rey return empty handed? How did the First Order track the Resistance at lightspeed? How are the rebels gonna survive the imminent attack without the Jedi?

Positive Points: –

  • The Last Jedi scores full marks in what is expected the best from it – visuals.
  • The performances of most of the cast is satisfying and good with Driver, Hamil and Ridley being the best among all.
  • The flick amends what its predecessor faulted in i.e. twisting the storyline such that it doesn’t seem like a carbon copy of the original series.
  • There are several wow moments in the film which are surely gonna draw the hoots and whistles in the theatres.
  • Technical excellence especially in terms of cinematography and John William’s legendary music score.

Negative Points: –

  • Some obvious directional glitches and the use of melodrama in certain montages.
  • The fact that I missed Han Solo badly in this film. No matter what, you gotta admit that Harrison Ford was the charm and soul of the original series and his departure has left a gap that can’t be filled by anyone.
  • The slow pace of the flick and the fact that the film is not only overstretched with its present plotline but alsofails to give an insight to some important characters like Snoke and Holdo.
  • The unnecessarily thrusted comic sequences which no one asked for.

Direction, Script & Other Technicalities: –

I have mixed feelings for Rian Johnson’s direction because his work is both beautiful and blemished. Kudos to him for his visualization and subsequent execution but he should have worked upon making the film less melodramatic at times. I would not be elucidating them in order to avoid giving away any sorts of spoilers but all I can say is that the franchise needs to be more artistically directed instead of being over-Hollywoodish. I hope that explains it all.

I again have mixed emotions for Johnson’s screenplay for the good thing about this flick is its focus on building up the story and its characters for the finale. The chemistry of Kylo and Rey is one of the highlights of the film and probably the best thing in the reboot series till now. The film has many awesome twists and clapworthy moments which not only make you go wow but also ensure that the differences of the flick with the original series is maintained. Notwithstanding that you can’t deny the numerous indirect similarities that the film has with the original ones but the blame should be imposed on The Force Awakens rather. If I can forgive Johnson for not giving much space to Luke’s character, I can’t do the same for ignoring the development of Snoke and Holdo. The film actually has many unnecessarily stretched sequences which could have been edited out by Bob Duscay and in their place, Johnson could have focused more on the other supporting characters as well as a detailed flashback showcasing Kylo’s relationship with Luke. One more thing that irked me about the feature is its lack of quotable and powerful dialogues which seemed to be rather plainly written without any use of intelligence. Lastly, I had issues with the comic sequences of the film which like a friend of mine said were more Marvelish rather than being sharp like it was in the original series.

Steve Yeldin’s camera work is excellent, the visual effects are simple breathtaking at times. But what scores the brownie points is John Williams’ legendary score which never ever gets old or trite even after 40 years and I strongly believe that his work is what makes up the soul of the entire feature (hell the entire franchise), hands down!

Performances: –

Oscar Isaac, Carrie Fisher, Laura Dern, Kelly Marie Tran, John Boyega and Gwendoline Christie (popularly known as Brienne of Tarth from Game Of Thrones) have all done a good job is their respective roles.

Adam Driver is the best performer in the film. He enacts the intricacies and conflicts of his character neatly and believably. His expressions are perfect and he emotes flawlessly.

Daisey Ridley is good and her chemistry with Driver (not romantic though) is well crafted. She performs with ease and expresses excellently without any restraints. She is great in the action sequences too along with Driver.

Mark Hamil may not have got much screentime but his performance is remarkable. He blends dramatisation and naturalisation consummately ensuring that the audience connects to his pain and pine for him as much as the other characters do.

Andy Serkis is pretty impressive as Snoke. I got to admit that I admire Domnhall Gleeson as an actor but in this reboot series his act has been more theatrical and unidirectional. He needs to work upon it in the sequel not because he is bad onscreen, he is good to be honest, but because he needs to live up to the high standards which he has set for himself. Benicio Del Toro makes a magnetic cameo.

Final Verdict: –

I’m not going to state as to where The Last Jedi stands in greatness in the entire franchise but I would surely admit that the franchise can be made much better in terms of story-telling which can incorporate more art than melodrama. It’s definitely an improvement to its predecessor but leaves a lot to be amended for the upcoming sequel. Nevertheless, it’s awesome and the general audience will go gaga over it if they don’t mind its slow pace. Don’t skip it if you are a Star Wars fan and if you aren’t one, then start watching the series now (you may skip the prequel series if you want to go fast).



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