Fukrey Returns Review


Plotline: –

It’s been a year since the events of the first film and all our protagonists have moved on with their lives. Bholi Punjaban (Richa Chaddha) requests Minister Babulal Bhatia (Rajiv Gupta) to ensure her bail on a condition that she will pay him ₹10 crore (100 million) in 10 days else she will be thrown back behind the bars again. As her entire illegal business has been rattled post her arrest, she summons the four Fukras along with Panditji (Pankaj Tripathy) for a payback.

What will the Fukras do now? How will they pay Bholi such a large sum in 10 days?

Positive Points: –

  • Fukrey Returns is even more engaging and more hilarious than its predecessor.
  • Smart work with the direction.
  • While almost every chief actor has done justice to his/her role, Richa Chaddha, Varun Sharma and Pankaj Tripathy shine brighter than the rest.
  • The first half of the film breezes through time smoothly and intrigues the audience with an adequate mixture of thrill and humour.

Negative Points: –

  • After a wonderful first half, the flick struggles in the second half owing to the intricacies of the plot.
  • A poor exhibition of camera and editing work ridicules the fun at times.
  • The scripts heavy reliance on surreal and slapstick comedy, which is ofcourse devoid of any sort of logic, seems overdone sometimes.
  • Poor use of CGI.

Direction, Script & Other Technicalities: –

Mrighdeep Singh Lamba has definitely done a better job than what he did in Fukrey. He has shown improvements in his job and has managed to blend humour and thrill pretty neatly. Vipul Vig’s screenplay (to which even Lamba has contributed a bit) is funny no doubt, but devoid of sense and logic. The basic plotline has so many twists and turns that the flick itself gets entangled in the maze during the second half. Nevertheless, the comic punches act as saviours to the film’s rickety paper work.

What’s worse is its technical failure in terms of cinematography, editing as well as visual effects. There are several instances where poor camera and editing work which expose the it’s-not-real-I’m-acting moments of the flick viz. the injection given to Choocha, the chase sequence to name a few. The fake snake and tiger CGI brings forth several questions against not only the VFX team but the film’s writers too. The music is passable.

Performances: –

Varun Sharma is the USP of the flick and he sort of carries the entire film on his shoulders. His comic timing is spot on and his gimmicks make the movie a laugh riot. Coming to his support are Pulkit Samrat, Manjot Singh and Pankaj Tripathy who add to the fun with their quirky lines, especially Tripathy.

Richa Chaddha nails it again as the arrogant Bholi Punjaban as she had done previously. Though her character has been watered down a bit in this sequel, she manages to outshine everyone else onscreen.

Rajiv Gupta is excellent in the avatar of the minister and pulls it off with ease. Ali Faizal, Vishakha Singh and Priya Anand hardly make any impact.

Final Verdict: –

Fukrey Returns could have been made better by inducing sensible comic sequences and making the script more intelligent. Nevertheless, it is funny, thrilling and entertaining to the core thanks to its quirky one liners, good acting and smart directional work. It’s definitely better than Fukrey and might just be worth your money.



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