Tumhari Sulu Review


Plotline: –

Sulochana aka Sulu (Vidya Balan) is a middle aged housewife who leads a simple life in Virar with her husband Ashok (Manav Kaul) and son Pranav (Abhishek Sharma). Being pretty good in extra-curricular activities since childhood, she wished to go beyond the realms of the household work and do a job for which her husband ably supports her. One day, after winning a competition over radio, she is called by the radio office to collect her prize. She finds a poster in that office regarding an RJ hunt and requests the head of the station, Maria (Neha Dhupia) to give her atleast one chance to prove her acumen for the job.

Will Maria give a chance to Sulu to showcase her talent? Or will Sulu have to fight for the same? How will this affect her daily life?

Positive Points: –

  • Each and every person in the cast has performed excellently starting from children to the older people. Everyone has added flavour to the film’s tone with special credit being given to Vidya Balan and Manav Kaul’s blinder performances.
  • The movie’s insightful exploration of a husband-wife relation is praiseworthy and the endearing chemistry of Balan and Kaul elevates the charm even more.
  • Another wonderful thing about the film is its understanding of the problems a working woman faces beyond her worktable. The film doesn’t demonise those who oppose her and gives a genuine account of such a situation and presents the ideas of both the sides on a neutral basis.
  • A buoyant first half which is highly entertaining and funny to the core.

Negative Points: –

  • The film drags on in the second half as its mood deviates towards seriousness.
  • I didn’t really understand how things took a turn in the end after a wonderful climax. The makers promised one thing and then showed us something else as the film concluded.

Direction, Script & Other Technicalities: –

Both the directional and the screenwriting work of Suresh Triveni is magnificent. The development of the characters has been appropriate and the message has been conveyed perspicuously and unbiasedly. He makes sure that you don’t take sides as an audience and understand the viewpoints of both the parties who are right in their respective terms. This feat is something rarely achieved in cinematic as well as literary work and Triveni has done with acute astuteness.

The cinematography by Saurabh Goswami and the editing by Shivkumar Panicker is decent. The film’s music matches with its spirit albeit it won’t make it to your playlist.

Performances: –

Not only Vidya Balan but Manav Kaul also is the star of Tumhari Sulu. Both present a magnificent view of competition as well as support while acting together. No one is any less than the other in any of the montages and deliver outstanding performances, both individually and together. For me, they are the best movie couple of the year.

Neha Dhupia, Vijau Maurya and Malishka Mendonsa are good in their respective avatars. Abhishek Sharma also gives a natural performance as Pranav.

Final Verdict: –

Tumhari Sulu is funny, weighty and charming for audiences of all age groups. The movie is clean, void of any unnecessary spicy elements and important in terms of the message it conveys which makes it an apt family flick. Although, it’s quite difficult to happen, but I wish that Balan and Kaul get awarded for their sterling acts in this comedy-drama.

RATING: 3.5/5


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