Justice League Review


Plotline: –

Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) are working upon building up a team of specially abled people who are humanity’s last hope to protect the it from the wrath of Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds).

Who is Steppenwolf? What has he got to do with the earth? How can he be stopped?

Positive Points: –

  • With an amazing use of VFX bonded with high octane action sequences, Justice League ensures that DCEU is here to stay and compete solidly with MCU.
  • Every character gets his/her required space in the storyline and the execution by the respective actors has been perfect.
  • The film isn’t stretched exhaustively like Batman Vs Superman and is wrapped appositely in exactly 2 hours.
  • The film is engrossing from the beginning till its end, even including its stupidest moments.

Negative Points: –

  • DCEU needs to work out properly as to how it should be doing justice to its potentially powerful villains. A lackluster antagonist is always a problem, no matter which sort of movie it is and this film doesn’t escape the consequences of the same either.
  • The climax (including its fight sequence) is pretty dumb and childish.
  • The second half of the film falters quite a bit as opposed to its nearly flawless first half.
  • Well as a fan of Batman, I was a bit disappointed that Batman doesn’t get much involvement in the films action scenes.

Direction, Script & Other Technicalities: –

Finally, Zack Synder is back in form and we hope that he remains so for long. Synder has learnt from his past mistakes in Man Of Steel and Batman Vs Superman and has made sure that you don’t worry about them in this feature. His visions are definitely wonderful and his perspicacity as a director can be understood vividly in Justice League. The action sequences are awe-inspiring, breathtaking at times and quite competent to most contemporary superhero flicks. A special mention to Joss Whedon for having contributed to the direction as well (uncredit however).

The screenplay by Synder and Whedon is superb and does justice to the aura and popularity of Justice League. The characters have gotten enough space and time to justify their presence and showcase their powers and skills. The film has some praiseworthy one liners and unlike most DCEU films, it incorporates humour quite effectively as well. The only problem with the writing is the unfair treatment of its black hat Steppenwolf especially in a tepid climatic action montage which seemed idiotic and inconsistent with the plotline. However, on an overall outlook I give a thumbs up to Synder and Whedon for their hardwork.

Danny Elfman’s music is terrific and amalgamates exquisitely with the film’s tone. Fabian Wagner too does a commendable job with the camera and with a character like Flash, Synder uses him efficaciously in embodying his trademark slow motion shots. The editing by David Brenner, Richard Pearson and Martin Walsh is aptly tight but in a few montages, the cuts are way abrupt which can be disturbing to the audience. Finally, and as always, kudos to the visual effects team for their phenomenal work in making the film as grand and fabulous as it is (and should have been too).

Performances: –

Ben Affleck is simply outstanding in his job and maintains the sternness and arrogance of his character perfectly throughout the film.

Gal Gadot nails it yet again as Wonder Woman and makes you fall in love with her anew.

Jason Mamoa has been surprisingly impressive in his avatar but what exceeded his acting skills were his immaculate body and personality which have been (rather) exploited pretty well by the makers. Ahem, girls! Are you paying attention or not? *Winks*

With the success of Wonder Woman, DCEU realised that humour is as essential for a superhero flick as is its gravity and with that they brought in Ezra Miller. Honestly, he is the best thing in the film and his character is quite parallel to Spider-Man in Civil War. You simply cannot get enough of him!

Jeremy Irons, Diane Lane and Amy Adams are decently good in their respective acts. Ciarán Hinds does justice to the film’s antagonist though we wished we saw more of him and the better as well.

There’s another actor who comes in a crucial moment in the film and has done a good job as well, but I won’t be revealing his identity so as to maintain my rule of providing spoiler free reviews. *Grins*

Final Verdict: –

With Justice League, both Zack Synder and DCEU have ensured their longevity in the film world. While there are certain issues that can’t be ignored (or can be, maybe), I simply can’t deny that I was entertained by the film as it grabbed my attention in its complete run. In my opinion, this is the DC film that we had all waited for so long and I can sense it becoming even more superior with better writing and directional work, with a discreet focus of its antagonists.

RATING: 3.5/5


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