Judwaa 2 Review


Plotline: –

The film is about two twins, Prem and Raj (both played by Varun Dhawan) who get separated from birth after their father Raj Malhotra (Sachin Khedkar) exposes a criminal (Zakir Hussain).

How will both of them meet again and how will the separated one reunite with his family?

Positive Points: –

  • The fact that Judwaa 2 is a comedy movie justifies the presence of the most insane substances meant to induce laughter. Thus the movie actually turns its fallacies into its advantages quite extravagantly and shamelessly.
  • The actors (save the female characters) carry the films on their shoulders with their superb comic timings.

Negative Points: –

  • David Dhawan’s surprisingly shoddy directional work in a movie of the genre that he masters.
  • Judwaa 2 is not a sequel but a reboot of Judwaa which means that you get nothing novel to see in the film except its cast and time of release.
  • Even if we forget that a film like Judwaa existed, Judwaa 2 uses nothing more than those clichéd cinematic formulae which we are tired of complaining against, again and again.
  • The poor characterisation of its female leads and the direct as well as the indirect sexual jokes made on them is an eye-sore. We are in the late 2010s now; can’t we give our actresses a bit more respect?
  • A screenplay that makes no sense added with dialogues which deliver those same old tepid humour that will make you ponder as to whether laugh or cry over them.
  • The songs appear at any random time with no significance with the plot.
  • Pathetic editing with abrupt cuts throughout the film hampers not only the movie’s continuity but also its visual appeal.

Direction, Script & Other Technicalities: –

David Dhawan masters the genre of comedy movies in India and has proved his acumen in the same time and again; but this time he fails miserably in rebooting a cult film that he himself directed 2 decades back. There are many instances where you are left imagining as to “why the heck that thing happened” as David pours in directorial elements that make no sense to that particular situation (viz – Raja lifting up a coffee mug in a chase sequence, the football kicking scene, etc.).

Yunus Sejawal’s screenplay is gormless and the treatment of the two female protagonists is deplorable. Sejawal tries less to induce fun and focusses more on making the film a glamsham where the physical abuses of the ladies are presented as fun elements. Their characterisation is also disgraceful as we see them behaving as nincompoops around the heroes and at times forgiving their misdeeds for no good reason (viz. Samaara asking Prem for a lunch date on the very next day he kissed her forcibly)!!!! As a narrative also, the film lacks any sort of quirk or smartness and presents the hackneyed comedy-of-errors storyline which we have been seeing for decades now. I have mixed reviews for Sajid-Farhad’s dialgoues because they do appear to be intelligent at one time and on the very next moment they are reduced to humourless gimmicks trying too hard to make us laugh.

Ritesh Soni’s editing is bad and that can be discerned at the point the film takes an interval. Ayananka Bose’s cinematography has nothing good to offer. The soundtrack is good but their timings in the movie ruins their potential.

Performances: –

One has to accept that Varun Dhawan has a great comic timing and he proves it yet again in this film which is burdened on his shoulder for the whole run. However, I would like to point out that his gimmicks have become repetitive now and he has to try some more challenging characters to utilise his potential as an actor.

Taapsee Pannu needs to get out of her seriousness and work on her comic timing. She is nothing more than an eye-candy in the film and that’s a shame given the fact that she is a very talented actress with a huge potential.

Jacqueline Fernandez has done nothing new to what she has been doing in her whole career. I would prefer to stay mum about her performance.

Rajpal Yadav is excellent as Raja’s lisping friend. Anupam Kher, Sachin Khedkar and Atul Parchure have done good jobs.

Ali Asgar impresses in his cameo whereas Upasanna Singh’s brief stint was disappointning. Vivaan Bhatena too makes an ordinary appearance in the film along with Zakir Hussain and Manoj Joshi.

Salman Khan’s cameo may earn its whistles and cheers but one can’t deny that it was a superfluous element in the film.

Final Verdict: –

Judwaa 2 is low on substance and high on chutiyaapa. It’s is a movie made completely for those who enjoy dumb humour and unnecessary glamour. The rest definitely have better things to do in their lives (doesn’t include movie critics *Winks*).

RATING: 0.5/5


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