Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review


Plotline: –

Eggsy (Taron Egerton) has taken the position of Harry (Colin Firth) as Galahad in Kingsman and is living with Tilda, the princess of Sweden (Hanna Alström). Fate turns against him and the organization when drug magnate Poppy Adams (Julianne Moore) destroys every single hideout of Kingsman all around the world, killing all its agents save Eggsy and Merin (Mark Strong).

What are Eggsy and Merin gonna do now? How will they fight Peggy with nothing left of their organisation?

Positive Points: –

  • This sequel promises high-octane action sequences just like its predecessor and lives upto it pretty well.
  • The acting of the cast members is good and justifiable of which Pedro Pascal’s magnetic performance stands out.
  • Awesome background score and soundtrack alleviates the film of its flaws and ameliorates its action sequences.

Negative Points: –

  • The first half of the movie is slow and devoid of any action sequences except oneat its start. The second half however compensates for it.
  • The film has no solid story to offer and is blemished with several loop holes.
  • Poor character development is the film’s weakest link especially because most characters are popular Hollywood stars and appear in film like theatre walk-outs.
  • You will miss the violence of the first film (remember the Church massacre scene?) as the movie is reduced to a PG-13 with almost no blood spurting out of cut and ground bodies.

Direction, Script & Other Technicalities: –

If action sequences were all a director had to do in a film like this, then I would have given full marks to Matthew Vaugh but sadly that’s not true. His work in the first installment was far better than in this as he gives away a lot of open ends to spot out the flaws in the film. The writing is terrible to be honest and the film wastes so many talented cast members with almost zero character development in order to contribute to film’s commercial value. The plotholes in the screenplay are mammoth sized. While the writers do induce enough funny moments and connect the movie well with its predecessor, they completely ignore to highlight the contributions of The Statesman to the world’s peace along with The Kingsman. Like I really want to know what The Statesmen were doing when The Kingsmen were fighting to save the world in the first film; were they sleeping, or boozing, or what! I was also disheartened with the poor characterisation of the film’s antagonist who looked nothing different from the quintessential over-the-top action-movie villains and was definitely substandard in comparison to Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the first movie.

The lifeline of the movie is its action and no matter how insane they were (and they were expected to be), they are awesome! The actions scenes were stylish, funny and promised a lot of gore though the PG-13 rating screwed it up. Nevertheless, if you liked the movie at all, it’s chiefly because of its action montages.

The cinematography by George Richmond is wonderful especially in its action sequences. The VFX and SFX team have also done a wonderful job though I heartily felt that Eddie Hamilton could have edited quite some portions of the film to reduce its time-length. On the other hand, Henry Jackman and Matthew Margeson have done a splendid job with the film’s score and soundtrack which have contributed significantly in neutralising the tension in its action scenes and making them more entertaining.

PS: I’m not mentioning more plotholes or more scriptal flaws because I don’t want to give away the spoilers of the film.

Performances: –

Taron Egerton, Mark Strong and Colin Firth are wonderful in their respective roles and it was good to see Firth back in the series.

Channing Tatum is charismatic in his avatar though struggles with his accent in his (sadly) short stint. Jeff Bridges and Halle Berry have done good work in their limited screen presence.

Pedro Pascal is spectacular as Whiskey as he is both charismatic and mesmerising in every freaking montage he is present. His Texan accent is spot on and so are his expressions and body language. He renders the perfect American version of Manners Maketh Man in this sequel and is the real star of the whole film without any doubt.

Julliane Moore is good as the film’s antagonist but she could have been magnificent given her thespian skills. The weight of Jackson’s performance in the previous film falls heavily on her though I would blame the poor writing of the movie and not her commitment to her character for this debacle.

A special mention to Sir Elton John coz he is lovable as himself in this film. Him kicking the asses of Peggy’s men as well as his Rocket Man moment in the film were the two funniest things in the movie.

Final Verdict: –

Kingsman: The Golden Circle doesn’t live upto the standard of Kingsman: The Secret Service in an allround aspect but is still entertaining and worth your money thanks to its wonderful cast, peppy score and soundtrack and obviously the trademark action sequences of the series which are bigger and louder than before.

RATING: 2.5/5


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