Jab Harry Met Sejal Review


Plotline: –

Harrinder Singh Nehra aka Harry (Shah Rukh Khan) works as a tourist guide in Europe. After dropping a Gujarati tourist group at the airport, Harry prepares to leave but finds himself entagled with Sejal Zaveri (Anushka Sharma), one of the members of the tourist group he just dropped, who returns back in order to to search her engagement ring which she supposedly had lost in the month long trip. Even though Harry is reluctant and tries to console her that he no longer is responsible for his previous tourist groups, Sejal persuades him to help her out.

Then begins a journey around Europe as the two search for Sejal’s ring and face the consequences fate has prepared for them.

Positive points: –

  • The whole strength of the movie is the performances of Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and a wonderful cameo by Chandan Roy Sanyal.
  • The music and the score of the movie have helped in being quite a relief in an otherwise overlong tepid picture.

Negative points: –

  • Imtiaz Ali is not just a name, he’s an idea of something different. Everytime Ali’s films come out, the audience has huge expectations from them to provide something different and refreshing. Sadly, this flick provides neither of them.
  • The script is so so wrong at so many places that most of the time is spent in facepalming over its glitches instead of enjoying the movie.
  • The film looks less like a rom-com and more like a Europe tour documentary as our protagonists keep on voyaging from place to place across Europe for one freaking ring!!
  • While the music of the film is good and one of the fewest positive things in the film, no song in this flick is memorable as opposed to an Imtiaz Ali film.
  • While the first half is still bearable, the second half comes as a complete body ache thanks to its slow pace, vapid storyline and your posture too (You can’t clap with one hand, can you)!!!

Direction, Script and Other Technicalities: –

I still can’t believe that Imtiaz Ali made a movie like this! It isn’t that he is making a romantic-comedy for the first time for he is the one who gave us Jab We Met. I don’t understand how a man of his stature could render a generic rom-com like Jab Harry Met Sejal. The script is a complete mess and the characterisation the leads is terrible as even throughout the film it feels like Sejal is a mananiser yet Harry keeps calling her “achi, pyaari and sister type wali”. Instead the womanizer ie Harry is portrayed to have an impeccable control over his lust. How strange!!!! A handful comic punches are good otherwise the rest seemed pretty forced. Harry and Sejal seem less of common people are more like British Secret Agents as they get away from any kind of difficulty with unbelievable ease. Ali’s direction in the film has hit rock-bottom and at times it was hard difficult to believe that it was an Imtiaz Ali film.

U. Mohanan’s cinematography has been pretty good and the beauty of the locations have been well captured. Aarti Bajaj has been a regular collaborator of Ali and has never disappointed us with her work and this flick isn’t any exception either. Pritam’s music, Irshad Kamil’s lyrics (2 another regular collaborators of Ali) and Hitesh Sonik’s score, all have been awesome even though the music isn’t indelible like Ali’s previous flicks.

Performances: –

Shah Rukh Khan has given a sterling performance as Harry and is believable in each and every aspect of the character as well as in every frame of the film. Now he no longer overacts as he used to once and has become more natural than dramatic which is appreciable.

Anushka Sharma too has done a great job as Sejal though playing bubbly girl isn’t something new to her. Her Gujarati accent is good albeit imperfect but I feel that her character was stereotyping the average Gujaratis and movies like 2 States should have taught us to not do that.

Chandan Roy Sanyal has an awesome cameo as Gas. Even with a very thinly written character, he overshines the leads pretty easily which evinces the greatness he has stored in himself.

Aru Krishansh Verma as Mayank is also quite likeable in his role.

Final Verdict: –

Alas! Jab Harry Met Sejal is not the movie Bollywood was so eagerly waiting to ameliorate its dry run this year. This movie isn’t bad but it isn’t any good either and is better avoided, no matter if you are an SRK fan or an Anushka Sharma fan or even an Imtiaz Ali fan. Anyway round, you are gonna end up with sheer disappointment.



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