Behen Hogi Teri Review


Plotline: –

Shiv aka Gattu (Rajkumar Rao) is a jobless Lucknawi guy who has been in love with his neighbour Binny (Shruti Haasan) since childhood but isn’t able to confess to her. The boys in that colony live in a constant fear that the girls there would tie or would be made to tie them rakhis making them brothers and sisters. Gattu too lives in such a fear initially but he finally manages to win Binny’s love. But one fine day Gattu’s father Mr. Nautiyal (Darshan Jariwala) sees Binny with Gattu’s friend Bhura (Herry Tangiri) together and assumes that both of them are having an affair and hence he informs about it to Binny’s brother Jaideep (Ninad Kamat).

How will Jaideep react to the news? What was Binny doing with Bhura when Mr. Nautiyal saw her? What will be the fate of Gattu’s love?

Positive points: –

  • Rajkumar Rao, Herry Tangiri and Darshan Jariwala’s outstanding performances along with their perfect comic timing is what pumps life into the movie.
  • The comical portions have been well crafted and the jokes have been well showcased on the screen especially in the first half which was awesome.
  • It isn’t odd if you get angered by Gattu’s silence on the whole drama being set up under his nose and him being unable to confess the truth. But in reality this is what happens as human beings are always ruled by fear. We are those who can’t even argue properly when some person breaks the queue and goes ahead of the line, so what will happen if what we have got ourselves into, involved thugs, kiths and kins and a lot of emotions. I would like to say that in this sense the makers have created a realistic middle class Indian boy who is overcome by the fear of a lot of things which keep him mum even when he shouldn’t be (it isn’t a good thing though; I agree to that).

Negative points: –

  • Shruti Haasan’s underwhelming performance which puts down the energy of the film everytime.
  • The direction is clearly faulty many a times even when the script isn’t at fault.
  • After a breezy and entertaining first half, the second half becomes equally boring as it seems overstretched.
  • Poor writing. Yes, albeit having good comical moments, I would say this movie has been scrawled by the writers making things unnecessarily convoluted and solving those convoluted elements so easily that it seems unnatural.

Direction, Script and Other Technicalities: –

This is Ajay K. Pannalal’s first directional venture hence I wouldn’t be harsh on him mostly because he has used his actors quite well. Still there are flaws in his direction which may not be obvious to a normal viewer viz. Gattu collecting ₹400 for Binny falsely in the name of Maata ki chowki from the shopkeepers which Gattu had plotted somewhat infront of them; Ajay could have had both the protagonists at a very distant place so that it would seem obvious that the shopkeepers had no chance of observing what both of them were upto. This isn’t a very serious flaw but then these small things become issues when good and great directors are identified. He himself being the writer along with Vinit Vyas have managed to induce a large amount of laughs thanks to the performances of the cast but wasted a good movie into a fiddled up storyline which becomes even more bland and nonsensical as time passes. The climax has been overstretched badly and the ending too is abrupt. Negative brownie points for poor writing from my side.

Deven Murudeshwar as the editor of the film could have reduced the runtime by atleast 10-20 minutes especially in the second half. The music is fine but passable and at times it seems to have been forced into the movie for no reason.

Performances: –

Rajkumar Rao is a terrific actor without a question. We know that he can perform serious roles like that in Shahid and City Lights but he also manages to amaze you with his comic sense in this flick. He is the best thing is this movie and his chemistries with Herry Tangiri and Darshan Jariwala too are sterling. Even though he and Tangiri went a bit overboard in their being drunk sequence, we can forgive them easily. *Grins*

Herry Tangiri and Darshan Jariwala, both are the second best things in the flick and along with providing comic relief, they have provided excellent support to Rao in the movie.

Shruti Haasan is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful actresses in the industry but she is an equally poor actress. Neither are her expressions proper nor is her dialogue delivery. Even after making numerous movies if she hasn’t developed as an actress then it’s a matter of shame. I can’t understand how was she casted into the film even though there are lots of talented actresses out there waiting for opportunities. Hay re kalyug!!!

Ninad Kamat is good as Binny’s elder brother and his performance is an embodiment of quintessential Indian patriarchal personalities.

Gulshan Grover and Ranjeet have done their parts very well in their brief stints and are quite funny as well.

Gautam Gulhati makes a less than ordinary cameo and whatever acting he has done too isn’t any good.

Final Verdict: –

Behen Teri Hogi has its moments of fun and enjoyment but is also marred by poor writing and a weak protagonist. Even if it’s a misfire, I would say that it deserves a one-time view owing to the wonderful performances of Rao, Jariwala and Tangiri.

RATING: 2.5/5


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