Sachin: A Billion Dreams Review


This review of mine will be different from the rest of the movies I have reviewed till now, not because it’s a documentary instead of being a feature film but because this isn’t just a movie, just like Sachin Tendulkar isn’t just a cricketer. On watching the teaser or trailer one may easily assume that it is an ode to the greatest cricketer of all times but when you watch the flick you realise that it isn’t the case. Sachin: A Billion Dreams is a sincere and honest dedication to Sachin’s billions of fans whose endless faith upon him have helped him become what he is today. The movie takes you on kinda rollercoaster ride through his childhood, adolescence and then his 24-year long glorious career which is narrated by the master himself and has brief interviews by his family members as well as renowned personalities like Harsha Bhogle, Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri, Sir Vivian Richards, Shane Warne, Boria Mazumdar, Amitabh Bachchan, etc. The movie shares not just the video footages of Sachin’s career and these interviews but also reminds you of an era which belonged to a God-like figure who could single handedly decide the outcome of a match.

James Erskin’s direction is flawless and he has done a commendable job with this documentary given that he had the pressure of the expectation of about billions of people all over the world. Honestly, making this movie was extremely risky because the outcomes could be polar opposites ie either the film would have been great or it would have been abysmal. Thanks to Erskin and his team the results have been overwhelmingly positive which can be credited to his indepth knowledge and vast experience of making documentaries. A. R. Rahman’s score is equally magnificent and the music gives you tons of nostalgia as well as euphoria as you witness your own childhood in the career flashback of Sachin Tendulkar.

On an honest note, it is impossible to encapsulate Sachin’s story or the love his fans have for him in a 2/21/2 hour feature but whatever the movie has been, it’s no less than grand and sterling. The movie gives goosebumps throughout its runtime to not just Sachin’s fans but to every person who loves the sport of cricket because the documentary doesn’t shy from giving credits to the splendid match-winning performances of other players too which I think is a great thing to incorporate in a biographical documentary. Inspiring to its core, Sachin: A Billion Dream is a lot more than Sachin Tendulkar or his fans; it’s an insight to the struggles one has to undergo to achieve success and a reminder that success is an idea and not an achievement and you need to explore this idea honestly to live life in full throttle. As expected in every review, I’m supposed to give it a rating but I can’t behave as a critic today. This movie is about the God I have worshipped all my life and this movie is a reminder of how I looked up to him when I wanted our team to win because we know that God can create magic anytime and anywhere.

RATING: I don’t deserve to rate this movie as I can’t give a critical rating on a nostalgic reminder of my own childhood. My sincere apologies!


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