Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Review


Plotline: –

The Guardians are called upon by Ayesha (Elizabeth Dubicki), the leader of the Sovereign race, to protect some valuable batteries from an interstellar monster which they do cleanly in exchange of Nebula (Karen Gillian). However, when Rocket (Bradley Cooper) steals some for himself, Ayesha sends an army to attack the Guardians who are almost ravaged only to be saved by Ego (Kurt Russel) who soon reveals that he is the father of Quill (Chris Pratt).

Is Ego really the father of Quill or is he a hunch to capture the guardians? What is he upto?

Positive points: –

  • Guardians Vol. 2 blends comedy and emotionality quite perfectly. The script has been written quite smartly and the characters have got great punchlines which keeps you entertained with laughs and cringes throughout.
  • James Gunn’s direction is incredible and he hits you hard even on the smallest of things. It’s amazing to see the minute details he discerns and executes so perfectly on screen.
  • The performances of all the actors is fantastic and everyone is lovable in their respective avatars. Bradley Cooper and Michael Rooker steal the show and so does Baby Groot.
  • The flick is a dazzling visual treat for movie goers and has excellent work done with VFX as well as SFX. It seems that Doctor Strange is going to have tougher competition from future Marvel movies and my bets go on Avengers: Infinity Wars.
  • One thing that may go unnoticed but has been instrumental in making the movie superb is its soundtrack and the choice of songs in the respective montages has been immaculate.
  • The movie is filled with several clap-worthy moments thanks to its hilarious take on the superhero genre just like its predecessor with my favourite being the Pacman sequence.

Negative points: –

  • The mid-credit and post-credit sequences had no role in giving any hint about the future storyline and could have been avoided or ameliorated.
  • The movie isn’t free from hackneyed storyline elements such as villainising a seemingly good character, the same old intra-family tribulations, etc.

Direction, Script and Other Technicalities: –

James Gunn is the hero of this flick! His directional vision has been so perfect that he amuses you even with the most minute elements. His screenplay simply compliments his direction (or maybe vice-versa) and induces more than enough laughs to make the flick worth your money. The emotional moments of the flick too are good and have been merged well with the funny moments. There are several wow-moments in the flick of which the Pacman sequence stands out.

Tyler Bates’ music is fantastic and the timing of the songs have been perfect in every montages. The visual effect team has done a wonderful job, infact the best, and it seems that Marvel Studios isn’t just going to be satiated with its work in Doctor Strange. Henry Braham has been great with the camera work and so have been Fred Raskin and Craig Wood with the editing work.

Performances: –

Chris Pratt is endearing as he was before. Zoe Saldana is tough and good. Dave Bautista is as funny as he was in the first part and his chemistry with Pom Klementieff is wonderful.

Bradley Cooper shines as Rocket and so does Vin Diesel as Baby Groot. Michael Rooker steals the show as Yondu and has given a stellar performance.

Karen Gillian does a wonderful job as Nebula and she is outstanding in her outburst sequences.

Kurt Russel is great in his character and so is Pom Klementieff. Chris Sullivan and Sean Gunn do justice to their roles. Sylvester Stallone and Elizabeth Dubicki don’t get much space to showcase their talents however.

Final Verdict: –

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is a wonderful sequel to another wonderful movie and is a sterling piece of work in terms of direction, acting, scripting as well as every other technicalities especially the visuals. It’s a mass entertainer and isn’t silly like many of its counterparts. This movie should be watched in theatre in 3D, so don’t waste your time and rush!!



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