Kong: Skull Island Review


Plotline: –

William Randa (John Goodman), a senior government official, convinces the US senator to send an expedition to the mysterious and unexplored Skull Island where satellite images have found out the presence of mysterious creatures. Randa and seismologist Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins), recruit a British Special Air Service Captain, James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) to act as a hunter-trakker and Mason Weaver (Brie Larson), a photojournalist to work alongside Col. Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) and his team of soldiers as well as scientists to set out on the voyage. On reaching the island they experience something that mankind had always imagined but had never faced.

What happened on Skull Island? Will they be successful in their mission?

Positive points: –

  • The cinematography and the visual effects are simply marvellous. Infact, I would state that the whole technical team has done a fabulous job.
  • The movie promises heavy action and high doses of thrill and lives up to it. The fight sequence of King Kong and the Big Skull Crawler is the most thrilling moment in the whole movie.

Negative points: –

  • The movie is supposed to be an action-horror flick but the intentional as well as unintentional comic moments just wear you out.
  • The movie is filled with a few insanely stupid moments viz. in one particular scene, Brie Larson’s character tries to lift a helicopter to help a monster-buffalo!
  • The film lacks character development and almost all of them except that of John C. Reilly lacks depth.
  • The performances of most of the cast is a let-down. Most of them seem like comic characters instead of what they were apparently intended to. The movie is filled with talented actors and all their talent has been wasted.

Direction, Script and Other Technicalities: –

Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ direction is a disappointment. He shamelessly wastes a good caste on a hackneyed script and makes a movie that seems like a parody of King Kong Vs Godzilla and typical war/expedition movies. The action sequences however splendid and pull the audience off their seat onto their toes.

Larry Fong’s cinematography along with Richard Pearson’s editing is extremely outstanding. The camera-work is eye-pleasing even in the non-action-montages which actually evinces that no matter what the film may be, you can’t beat Hollywood in the camera-work. The visual and special effects team have also done a superb job which was ofcourse expected from them. The technical team has actually alleviated this botched up movie.

Performances: –

Tom Hiddleston is supposed to be the lead of the movie but poor scripting has made him look like a mere character in the film. His performance is just fine and unfortunately he is even non-expressive is a few scenes.

Brie Larson doesn’t act like she had won an Oscar the previous year and is surprisingly stoic for most parts of the movie. Her performance is one of the lowest points of the movie.

John Goodman is good in his role which was a cake-walk for an actor like him.

Samuel L. Jackson as the arrogant Colonel is good for most of the time in the movie although his negative portrayal actually was a misfire.

Toby Kebbell has nothing to do in this movie and it’s a shame that an actor of his calibre is wasted so blatantly.

John C. Reilly is good in his comic stint and actually puts life into the film when there isn’t any action going on.

The rest of the cast have done an average job.

Final Verdict: –

Kong; Skull Island, nowhere touches the aura of its predecessor like most sequels and it was a disappointment in total for me. However, technical excellence and the showdown between King Kong and the Big Skull-Crawler ameliorate its problems meagrely and make it fairly watchable.



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