Logan Review


Plotline: –

It’s 2029 and almost all mutants are dead with Logan (Hugh Jackman), Charles (Patrick Stewart) and Caliban (Stephen Merchant) seemingly being the only survivors and living incognito in an abandoned plant near the US-Mexico border. Logan has aged badly owing to admantium poisoning which has impeded his healing strength while Charles suffers from a neurodegenerative disease which causes him to lose control over his telepathic abilities which can have catastrophic consequences. Logan comes in contact with Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook), an agent from Transgien who asks Logan to help him find a lady named Gabriela (Elizabeth Rodriguez) who can help Donald find someone like him to which Logan vehemently refuses. Soon that very night Logan happens to meet Gabriela who urges him to help her save herself and her daughter Laura (Dafne Keen) from her boyfriend by taking them to North Dakota in exchange for $40k. A reluctant Logan however agrees to help her only to find Gabriela dead and Laura missing the very next day.

Who is Laura and where is she? Who is Gabriela’s boyfriend and why is he after Laura? About whom did Donald Pierce talk about and why?

Positive points: –

  • Logan witnesses top-notch performances from its leads with an able support from the rest of the cast. Jackman and Stewart give their best performances in the X-Men series and their chemistry is outstanding.
  • James Mangold’s direction and the screenplay by Mangold, Scott Frank and Michael Green, both fly along and high.
  • The action sequences have been superbly directed and ensure that you are on your toes throughout. Logan is undoubtedly the best action-drama that I have witnessed in recent years.
  • It isn’t the first time that a superhero movie is more plot driven than action driven. We have seen The Dark Knight Trilogy, Watchmen and The Wolverine to name the best of them and just like them Logan itself also isn’t an action driven movie albeit it has spectacular action sequences. What separates Logan from the rest of the superhero cinematic world is its characters and their depths. Logan is essentially a character driven movie where we see our superheroes outside their mantles in human form. The characters in the movie are essentially human beings and remain so throughout which hits the audience even harder and makes it so close to reality even after being based on superheroes forcing to claim that Logan is an experimental movie and I hope that movie makers take inspirations from it in not just making superhero flicks but also any kind of movies. Logan, for me, is a lot more than just a superhero movie and i believe it’s one of the movies we must watch before we die.
  • Inspite of being a drama, Logan makes you ask everytime ‘What’s next’ and if that isn’t a sign of good filmmaking, then I don’t know what is.

Negative points: –

  • If you were looking for the general superhero flicks where you would have ass-kicking sequences in every 10 minutes, then Logan isn’t for you (though it has quite great high-octane action sequences). Plus, if violence isn’t your cup of tea, then better stay off this flick.

Direction, Script and Other Technicalities: –

James Mangold was superb in The Wolverine but in Logan calling his work perfect and exceptional would be understatements. Logan isn’t a movie that one imagines when he thinks of the term superhero movie and it is in many forms experimental due to which it was a big risk in making the film. Logan is so perfect that I wouldn’t change even a single frame of it. Mangold along with Scott Green and Michael Green have written one of the most heartbreaking script in recent times and definitely the most poignant superhero films of all times. Each character has been so accurately developed and made so humane that one feels the pain portrayed on the screen by the actors.

John Mathieson does a great job with the camera work and his cinematography is stunning during the action montages. Needless to say the action sequences were both bad-ass and wonderful and the hotel fight scene was the most innovative and ofcourse the best. Michael McCusker too leaves no loose ends on his side in editing the movie tightly yet skilfully. Marco Beltrami’s score too is superbly dramatic and the soundtrack is equally haunting as its characters.

Performances: –

Logan is Jackman’s last appearance as Wolverine, the character which made him a star worldwide and changed the way people perceived the titular character and hence Jackman leaves no stone unturned in this flick. He is naturally expressive as always and is impressive in the action scenes too. Altogether, he has given his heart out to perform as Logan/Wolverine for One Last Time and his act in this feature excels all his past portrayals of the titular character. I won’t be wrong if I claim that Jackman’s performance as Logan in Logan is the best performance given ever in a superhero movie.

Sir Patrick Stewart is riveting as well as sublime as Charles Xavier/Professor X and reveals the emotional side of his character with flair. This is not only his best performance in this series but also in recent times. His buddy-love chemistry with Jackman is one of the highest points of the movie.

Boyd Holbrook is fantabulous as the evil Donal Pierce and manages to garner hatred for his character but love for his performance with ease. This could be his star-making movie and we can’t help but hope it happens.

Dafne Keen makes a solid debut and is endearing in her portrayal of Laura.

Stephen Merchant as Caliban, Richard E. Grant as Dr. Zander Rice and Elizabeth Rodriguez as Gabriela are great in their brief stints.

Final Verdict: –

Logan is a state-of-the-art in the genre of superhero movies giving a much needed and hardly expected darker and violent tone to the genre. Just like The Dark Knight trilogy changed the way the world viewed superhero movies, Logan will be seen as an outstanding piece of experimentation in the same field in the coming years. Hugh Jackman gives a perfect farewell to the X-Men series as well the character which he personified for the last 17 years since the first X-Men movie came out.

Logan is not just the best movie in the X-Men series so far, but also the best superhero movie to have ever been made. You may call it a superhero flick, a thriller, an action-drama, a road movie, a neo-western, a dystopian movie or loosely a coming-of-age drama; no matter whichever category you put it in, it still makes a great movie. Just go for it folks!



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