Top 5 Female Acting Performances In Bollywood In 2016


No matter how movies performed at the box-office, 2016 saw quite some women-centric movies and a lot of them had actresses having as equal and important role as their male counterparts. Hoping that Bollywood continues this trend in future, here we bring to you the list of the Best performances by female actors in 2016 (This doesn’t include child actors otherwise our Dangal girls would have made it in).

Honourable mentions: –

Taapse Pannu – Pink

Sonam Kapoor – Neerja

Shabana Azmi – Neerja

Alia Bhatt – Dear Zindagi

Tanishtha Chatterjee – Parched

Radhika Apte – Phobia

Sanya Malhotra – Dangal

5. Kirti Kulhari – Pink


Character – Falak Ali

This was a controversial choice and I know many hadn’t expected this to come up as everyone had guessed Taapse to get an honour in this list but I prefer otherwise. Don’t get me wrong, Taapse was excellent but it was Kirti who stood out especially in the scene where she breaks down in the court. She grows from a timid and submissive girl to a strong and not-giving-up-easily type of girl pretty well which she performed with flair and flamboyance. Kirti not just executes her job perfectly but also touches your heart with her honest performance with ease.

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4. Fatima Sana Shaikh – Dangal


Character – Geeta Phogat

Kicking arses for a large screen time in Dangal, Fatima displayed wonderful acting skills both while wrestling and while off it. She got her emotions perfectly and didn’t falter even for a second in any of her scenes. She displayed arrogance, love, humility, fear and confidence with perfection and owned the second half of the movie (along with Aamir Khan ofcourse) pretty easily. Her flawless acting and dedication should give her some awards in the upcoming award session for sure.

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3. Vidya Balan – Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh


Character – Vidya Sinha / Durga Rani Singh

Vidya Balan is undoubtedly one of the most natural actresses we have in our industry and Kahaani 2 is just another display of her talent. The best thing about Vidya is that her character gave her ample opportunities to react for which she could have easily gone overboard but she maintained her calm and executed her scenes as perfectly as one can imagine. Her stellar performance gave her a perfect and much needed comeback and we just hope that she delivers even more such crowd pleasing performances.

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2. Alia Bhatt – Udta Punjab


Character – Bauria

Alia Bhatt’s performance in Udta Punjab was not just brilliant but a brave one too. It was straight out of her comfort zone and she performed it effortlessly. She screamed, she cried, she laughed, she did everything and won your heart everytime with every emotion she displayed. Alia Bhatt is one the road to become one of our country’s finest actresses and her act in Udta Punjab is just one of the many great performances that we will be seeing in future. Gear up folks! We maybe talking about her winning the Best Actress Awards soon this year!

1. Swara Bhaskar – Nil Battey Sannata


Character – Chanda Sahay

I know this was something no one could have thought of and it’s simply because very few have seen the movie or even remember it. Playing Chanda wasn’t a cakewalk for Swara as she had to get into the shoes of a maid servant, showcase extreme innocence and pain and finally had to grab a different accent. She did everything so perfectly and performed so naturally that the audience was left awed after watching the movie. Honestly it’s Swara’s performance that made the movie sweet and touching at the same time. I guess the Critics’ Awards will be waiting to be received by Swara this year for such an amiably sweet, honest and terrific performance.

What are your views on the list? What are your Top 5 female acting performances in 2016? Do let us know by posting your valuable comments.

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