Collateral Beauty Review


Plotline: –

Howard Inlet (Will Smith), a successful advertising executive in New York is distraught after he loses his six-year-old daughter to a rare cancer disease and retreats from life. His negligence to his work affects his business adversely which worries his coworkers and friends Whit Yardsham (Edward Norton), Claire Wilson (Kate Winslet) and Simon Scott (Michael Pena). Howard in his broken self writes letters of anguish to Love, Time and Death. One day he meets an older woman (Helen Mirren), a teenage boy (Jacob Latimore) and a young girl (Kiera Knightley) at different times who claim to be Death, Time and Love respectively. Who are these people? Are they really what they claim to be? Why do they meet Harold? Will Harold ever be able to get back his normal life?
All of the above questions will be answered in the course of the movie.

Positive points: –

  • The ensemble cast which includes a lot of talent and experience. All actors give good and convincing performances and get their fair share of screen space.
  • The crux of the story is beautiful with which everyone can connect to easily.
  • The film has some doses of wonderful dialogues about life which are sure to hit your cords.

Negative points: –

  • The film has a bit of sloppy writing. It tries to encapsulate the life of 4 different people in just one and a half hour due to which it doesn’t explore their life and emotions which could have made the movie even more moving, touching and unforgettable.
  • The plot twist towards the end of the movie is sweet, but unconvincing. The makers could have done a better job in executing it.

Direction, Script and Other Technicalities: –

Collateral Beauty has a very beautiful story which could have made a great movie but falls well short of it. Maybe the makers just relied on its idea and cast rather than its implementation. The strength of the characters haven’t been incorporated properly too. Inspite of it, the movie has its share of sweet and sour moments with good dialogues that will touch your heart at times.

The direction by David Frankel is good. Allan Loeb could have done much better with the screenplay. The cinematography by Maryse Alberti is pretty good and she makes quite good use of the locations and the lightings.

Performances: –

The best performances are given by Will Smith, Helen Mirren and Jacob Latimore. Smith and Mirren had quite some support from the script and they do a wonderful job as was expected from them. It’s Latimore who surprises you with his cheerful and confident performance given that the script didn’t give him quite much strength.

Naomi Harris has a very short but important role which she performs effortlessly.

Edward Norton, Kate Winslet, Michael Pena and Kiera Knightley do justice their characters pretty well.

Final verdict: –

Collateral Beauty is that kind of movie which you can watch as many times as you wish to and still like it. Although it could have been made much better, it still is enjoyable thanks to its superb cast, wonderful dialogues and a story with which everyone can connect to.

RATING: 2.5/5


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