Befikre Review


Plotline: –

Dharam (Ranveer Singh), who is new to Paris in order to start his own stand-up comedy club, meets Shyra (Vaani Kapoor) and both hook up soon. Unable to bear each other in a live-in, they separate only to meet again after 6 months. Now, they decide to remain friends and not get involved in love or any relationship. As new people enter their lives, can they maintain their friendship or fall in love again?

Positive points: –

  • Ranveer Singh’s delightful and jovial performance as Dharam is the soul of the film. If you find this movie any sweet, it has to be because of him.
  • The wonderful music and their perfect timing in the film is the perfect recipe for giving you thrill and adrenaline rush.
  • The 2 dance sequences: One in “Nashe Si Chadh Gayi” and second during the sangeet, stand out because of their superb choreography as well as their immaculate execution by Ranveer and Vaani.

Negative points: –

  • Vaani Kapoor’s extremely unimpressive performance is the most repelling element in this movie.
  • Befikre is not new. We have seen innumerable Befikres before and this one offers nothing more than a freaking déjà vu.
  • Don’t blame yourself if you feel bored or excruciated in the course of this movie because it is extremely insipid.
  • The silly climax is going to take away all the likings you could have had for this movie till then.

Direction, Script and Other Technicalities: –

Aditya Chopra is sort of a legend and an inspiration to millions who watch movies in India and a movie of this sort is kind of a blemish to his two-decade long and shining career. Although we all had expected rom-com clichés to be in this movie when its trailer was out, yet no one could have expected Chopra to hit the rock bottom with Befikre. Neither is his direction impressive, nor is his script any smart or jocund. It is extremely flawed and asinine, and several glitches cannot be ignored. I won’t be surprised if someone calls it “Aditya Chopra ki Aag”.

The locations in and around Paris are beautiful but that’s not going to help this movie at all. In case of editing and cinematography, there isn’t much impressive that Befikre can offer.

What’s going to win your heart are its music composed by Vishal-Shekhar and Mikey McCleary, choregraphy by Vaibhavi Merchant and the dance sequences performed by Ranveer and Vaani. I won’t be surprised if Merchant gets some awards for choreography in the coming awards’ season.

Performances: –

Ranveer Singh is delectable as Dharam, a role which is a cakewalk for him because it wouldn’t matter even if he went overboard sometimes (which he goes without any doubt). Anyways, he does a very good job and easily manages to keep you entertained and keep the movie alive.

Vaani Kapoor gives a rather dull performance as Shyra and whenever you would start liking the movie because of Ranveer, her acting would let you down. Her Hindi accent is even worse than her French. Vaani gives a rather robotic and artificial performance which overshadow her impressive figure and dance moves.

The rest of the cast do a fairly fine job though they don’t have much impact on the film.

Final verdict: –

Even if you are jobless around this time, better help your mother in the household chores instead of wasting your time and money on Befikre. You will get more blessings and love without doubt. Period!



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