Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh Review


Plotline: –

Vidya Sinha (Vidya Balan) lives a happy and quiet life with her crippled daughter Minnie (Tunisha Sharma) in Chandannagar, West Bengal. One night, as Vidya returns home from work, she is shocked to find her daughter missing. She enquires her landlord and her daughter’s nurse only to find out that they were told by her not to take care of Minnie and the nurse was asked to take the day off which she denies. Vidya gets a picture of daughter gagged, on her cell, followed by a call where an unidentified caller who seems to know Vidya, asks her to come to a certain location in Kolkata or else her daughter would be killed. A frightened Vidya runs towards the station but is hit by a running car on the way and hospitalised.

Sub-Inspector Inderjeet Singh (Arjun Rampal) comes to the hospital where Vidya is admitted, to investigate the hit and run case and is shocked to see Vidya whom he identifies as Durga. He goes to Vidya’s residence and in search of evidence, finds a diary of hers. What’s written in the diary? Who is Vidya and who is Durga? Why do they look so identical? Who kidnapped Minnie and why? A suspense filled, intriguing and thrilling premise opens up the answers to all these questions.

Positive points: –

  • Kahaani 2 stands out to the reputation of its predecessor flawlessly. It had immense pressure of doing justice to its brand and it doesn’t fail in it at all.
  • The performances of the actors mainly Vidya Balan, Arjun Rampal and Kharaj Mukherjee are compelling and sterling. They carry the movie well on their shoulders and do not disappoint at all.
  • Although it starts slow, Kahaani 2 ensures an extremely intriguing premise which binds you to your seats even during the interval.
  • Excellent cinematography, editing and sound effects support the film in creating and maintaining its suspense and thrill.

Negative points: –

  • The plot twist can be deciphered if you use your brain and experience of watching other suspense-thrillers although you would still appreciate its presence in the story.
  • Humour elements that spring out in between may be a bit disturbing but they do help you release the tension a bit. So I have kinda mixed review for this thing.

Direction, Script and Other Technicalities: –

Sujoy Ghosh did magic in 2012 with Kahaani and he leaves you bewitched with Kahaani’s second instalment too! He not only brings out the best from his leads but allows the script to do justice to their roles also. He along with Suresh Nair (co-writer) ensures that the scenes as well as the characters look believable and compelling. The suspense builds up gradually and becomes even more intense as the film progresses. This compensates with its slow start and makes the run quite riveting.

The CGI in the accident scene isn’t impressive but the sound effects and direction make it look shocking. Ghosh does that scene twice and even succeeds to scare you once again! The locations in and around Chandannagar have been shot brilliantly and cinematographer Tapan Basu deserves credits for it. The film has an immaculate amalgamation of cinematography, sound effects as well as editing, making it technically rich.

Performances: –

Vidya Balan delivers a show stealing performance. Along with the fact that she is a brilliant and natural actress, the strength of her character helps her to excel in her feat.

Arjun Rampal too gives an excellent performance and I wouldn’t be wrong if I say it’s one of his best in recent times. He emotes well, delivers his dialogues perfectly and quite effectively gets into the skin of his character.

Kharaj Mukherjee is back again as the Sr. Inspector and he is as brilliant as he was in Kahaani.

Jugal Hansraj is very good as the antagonist of the movie. Other actors like Tunisha Sharma, Tota Roychoundhury, Naisha Khanna have done a good job in their brief stints. Manini Chaddha makes an ordinary debut as the wife of Inderjeet.

Final verdict: –

Kahaani 2 isn’t Kahaani, and this makes it even more beautiful. It does justice not only to its predecessor, but to the genre of suspense-thriller as well. Driven by skilful direction, method scripting, technical richness, strong performances and a nail-bitting premise, Kahaani 2 is easily one of the best Bollywood films of this year and a must watch. Don’t run, but rush to your nearest theatres to see this splendour.



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