Doctor Strange Review


Plotline: –

Acclaimed neurosurgeon, Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) meets with a severe accident and finds his hands half paralysed, rendering them useless to conduct operations. Distraught to have lost his best ability, Strange tries out everything he could using the power of medical science with his money and reputation but in vain. Then he is informed by a colleague about a man named Jonathan Pangborn (Benjamin Bratt), who magically healed from chronic paralysis. Strange meets Pangborn and learns about a place named Kamar-Taj in Kathmandu where he could take the help of yogis to heal himself.

Desperate to get back to his normal life, Strange travels to Kathmandu and with great difficulty finds way to Kamar-Taj with the help of Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) where he meets a sorcerer named the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) who becomes his guru. The more days he spends in Kamar-Taj, the more he gets to know of its deeper secrets. What secrets does Kamar-Taj and the Ancient One have? Will Strange be able to heal himself? The next part of the story deals with all these.

Positive points: –

  • Spectacular visual and special effects that dominate the film heavily make the movie an enthralling experience. It’s clearly one of the best movies ever made in case of VFX and SFX.
  • Scott Derrickson’s direction is above excellence. His imagination of the movie and ability to utilize his crew is commendable.
  • The performances of the actors are very much convincing and with such a talented cast, it’s ofcourse impossible to be let down.
  • The film is not only intriguing but short, concise and perfectly crafted also. The makers of the movie had done their homework well and their efforts have produced fruitful results.
  • The film is filled with great dialogues which are clapworthy and are surely going to win your heart.

Negative points: –

  • Although the movie has good humour, yet sometimes, the humour elements spring out of the blue even when the scene is ruled by extreme seriousness which seem awkward and a bit disengaging (however you would still enjoy them).
  • The film lacks emotions unlike Captain America: Civil War (which I consider is the best Marvel movie ever made) and this actually makes it short of being an all-time classic.

Direction, Script and other Technicalities: –

I can’t help but praise Scott Derrickson for his stellar job on the direction of the movie. When you watch the movie and see the actors work out through all those wonderful visual and special effects, you are surely going to be flabbergasted by the extent to which Derrickson has utilized his imaginative skills. Directing such a movie so beautifully can’t be done without immense talent and I bow down to Derrickson for his work.

The visual and special effects of the movie is one of the best (or maybe the best of all) you must have ever seen. They rule not just the movie but the audiences’ likeness and attention also. It would be unfair if the VFX-SFX team of this movie is snubbed at the coming Oscars.

The script has been well written and the dialogues of the movie stand out. The dialogues are so good (rather great) that they will soon start featuring on the social media pages as some of the best ever movie lines. So before you watch it, ensure that your hands are prepared to clap at every other lines delivered by the actors in the movie.

Performances: –

It’s not new for Benedict Cumberbatch to play an over-intelligent and arrogant man. He has done it before flawlessly, he does it again without any problem. He fits into the role of Stephen Strange with ease and delivers a wonderful performance.

Chiwetel Ejiofor of 12 Years A Slave fame gets an important role which he performs with immense subtlety and dedication.

Tilda Swinton has got a role where it is easy for someone to either overact or underact but she does none and holds her ground to give a strong performance.

Mads Mikkelsen, as the antagonist Kaecilius has done a great job as well. It’s a treat to watch him no matter in whichever film he acts.

Rachel McAdams, Benjamin Bratt and Benedict Wong do justice to their characters in their short stints.

Final Verdict: –

This seems to be Marvel’s golden year with Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool, X-Men Apocalypse, and now Doctor Strange! Although, it doesn’t match the all-round excellence of Civil War, Doctor Strange is no less a wonderful movie and is one easily one of the most visually rich movies ever made, powered by greatly executed visual and special effects (obviously), spectacular direction, strong and convincing performances, and wonderful dialogues. This is something that you should go to theatres and watch instead of waiting for the torrents to arrive over internet. It’s worth more than the money you pay for it.



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