Pink Review



Plotline :-

Minal Arora (Taapsee Pannu), Falak Ali (Kirti Kulhari) & Andrea (Andrea Tariang) live together as tenants and lead a normal life. One night in a rock party they are introduced to Rajveer (Angad Bedi), who is the nephew of a powerful politician and Dumpy (Raashul Tandon) by Mrinal’s friend Vishwa (Tushar Pandey) and they accept an invitation to have dinner together. Some mishap takes place and the party gets botched up with Minal hitting Rajveer with a whiskey bottle which injures him severely especially his eye.

The boys start harassing the girls as a result using the powerful connections of Rajveer’s uncle even ending up molesting Minal. When Minal lodges an FIR against them, they retaliate by lodging an FIR against her for an attempt to murder Rajveer.

When no one comes out to help Minal (who is now in jail) and her friends, retired lawyer Deepak Sehgal (because he suffers from bipolar disorder), a person living in the same locality comes out to their help and decides to take up the case.

Now what follows is a courtroom drama which unveils the incidents that occurred that fateful night and how the girls and Deepak fight to prove their stand.


Positive points :-

  • In a highly engaging courtroom drama with a strong script and dialogues, the audiences are left intrigued and glued to their seats for most part of the film.
  • Powerful performances from the cast despite most of it involving youngsters is surely going to leave an impact on the audiences.
  • The strong message that a girl’s NO is NO, no matter who says it and to whom, echoes strongly throughout the film as well as after it ends.
  • The novel idea of showing the entire incident of the fateful night at the end during the credits. It’s good to see that Bollywood is coming up with newer ideas that will be catchy and liked instantly by the audience without being bogus.

Negative points :-

  • The slow pace of the first half may be an issue to a few people (although the second half neutralizes it pretty well and effectively).
  • No matter how good the movie is, it isn’t free from clichés. It is again the story where the accused is harassed by someone who has very strong social, economical and political dominion, the police being vary of helping the girls, a good lawyer who has almost destroyed his life decides to help the innocent, etc etc. The story would have been better if the boys wouldn’t be of a powerful background and would be equally vulnerable of being convicted as the girls. In such case the reaction of the society and the media towards the case would have made a more interesting content.
  • Although it is clear that there were mistakes on both the sides, the whole film focused on the mistakes of Rajveer and his gang. Amitabh’s ‘safety manual’ analogy though highly impressive and commendable, failed to acknowledge that it isn’t apt to hang out with people you don’t know (both boys and girls). Precautions are equally necessary as protective rights and asking a girl or a boy to take a precautious measure isn’t sexist or demeaning at all.
  • The film misses on how Amitabh investigates the case. It feels odd sometimes when he brings out evidences out of the blue. It would have been more interesting if the makers had shown how he got those evidences.


Direction, Script and Other Technicalities :-

Director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury simply adds magic to the movie with his flawless work. He knows how to handle his actors very well and brings out the best in them. He presents the courtroom drama in a convincing manner with a lot of expertise. Ritesh Shah’s script is indeed outstanding and his diagloues, especially for Amitabh are well crafted and some of them powerfully conveyed. The script takes a dig at the society which judges women on their dressing, drinking habits, boyfriends etc, and it does it with a master stroke. The film doesn’t include much songs and plays only one song “Kaari Kaari” which matches perfectly with mood of the movie.


Performaces :-

Amitabh Bachchan and Piyush Mishra give mind blowing performances and make the courtroom sequences interesting and gripping. Taapsee and Kirti too give sterling performances, Taapsee being outstanding in emoting the state of trauma any girl in such a situation would be and Kirti nails it when she breaks down in the court when harassed by the questions of the prosecutor. Angad Bedi is good in his role as an arrogant fellow with powerful political connections. He is impressive in all those sequences where he expresses his anger. Vijay Verma is impressive in his brief stint. Andrea, Raashul, Tushar give an able support to the cast.


Verdict :-

Pink is a very powerful film with a powerful message conveyed through it. Although it has clichés, I would recommend people to watch it for its intriguing premise, powerful performances and strong script.


RATING: 3.5/5


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